Busy Times in Iowa

Evelyn's first birthday!

So we made it back to Iowa on April 15th, the first day the local parks opened. It was cold and for the first 24 hours the water wasn’t turned on because that night temps were down in the 20s. We are now in May and though we have seen some days with warmer temps its still a bit chilly for May. I think we all feel it has been the never ending winter. Being back in the Midwest also means being in the zone for severe thunderstorms and tornados. It is the season. We have had one warning that sent us to the shower-house for awhile and we’ve stuck out two severe thunderstorms in the trailer. Typical spring in Iowa. Obviously we’ve survived them all.

Once we get here it seems we are on the run just catching up with friends and family, our granddaughter’s 1st birthday, lots of babysitting, and this year we added working to the mix. We are Ushers for the Cedar Rapids Kernels, a Class A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins. We’ve worked about 5 nights now, three of them have been double headers as they have had so many rain outs early this season. We’ve been going to these games for as long as I can remember and we are enjoying our jobs. We really don’t have to work that hard, we get to watch baseball (at least some of each game) and we get paid for it. It’s a great combination.
Cedar Rapids Kernels Perfect Game Field (photo from their site)
I really haven’t spent much time on the computer. We went to dinner last week with Jeff and Dawn, fellow full timers here. They are camp hosting at the nearby state park. It was good to catch up and Jeff reminded me it was time to write something on the blog. I am so thankful for all that we have met (Jeff and Dawn included) as a result of our blog or from reading the blog of others. However it seems like this last year I have found myself blogging less and actually even spending less time on my computer. I think there are seasons of our lives that we do things and that changes from time to time. I think right now I am so busy living life I haven’t spent much time with my computer.  Seasons are always changing so you never know when I’ll take seriously to the computer once again.

We plan on just sticking around here for the summer. We are going to go to Wisconsin for a short trip to visit our friends Evelyn and Kevin and visit a few family members. We have a week the Kernels are out of town and it all worked out so we are looking forward to that. We also have an upcoming wedding that will be like a mini vacation. My nephew Austin will be getting married just west of Omaha on May 31st and we are leaving the rig here and just driving over and spending a night. It will be a fun wedding.
Our son Mitch with daughter Evie

Our biggest reason for staying in the Cedar Rapids area is to spend time with our granddaughter. This grandparent gig is a blast. We have been babysitting a couple times a week and loving it. She is a delight. She looks a lot like her daddy and that brings back so many wonderful memories. We got to see her take a few of her first steps last week too. She is stubborn about it though and would rather crawl but you can tell it won’t be long and she will be off and running. Her and I are buddies theses days and I am so delighted. We had her at the trailer last week and we picked some dandelions. She was fascinated with them. I am looking forward to all kinds of adventures with her during our time here.
"Here Nana, I want to share my dandelions"

I do want to blog about the Arkansas State Parks, didn’t get that done earlier but I will try to revisit that soon because I’d like to tell you about them. Hope all is well with all our RV friends and....

Happy Trails............................


  1. We got to VT on 4/28 I find it hard to believe we've been here over 2 weeks. Enjoy living life and have a great family summer.

  2. Glad to hear you are still enjoying life. Little Evelyn is growing up!

  3. I know what you mean about spending less time on the computer. I find myself drifting away from the blogging little by little. Enjoy your time with family and watch out for those crazy midwest storms.

  4. Really enjoyed our dinner and catching up. Hope to do it again soon. Enjoy that Granddaughter!


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