Campbellsville KY and back to work

Green River Lake

We have settled in here at Campbellsville and are parked at Heartland Campground, a 10 minute walk to the entrance to Amazon’s Fulfillment Center where we have started working. Three years ago we worked for Amazon at their Coffeyville KS center. This facility seems a little better organized than Coffeyville and we are happy with our decision to come here. 

We are working D shift which is 5:30 pm to 4 am. The first 2 weeks our days are Tuesday to Friday but next week it shifts to Wednesday to Saturday. First 2 weeks are also only 5 hour days but that jumps up to 10 hour days with the possibility of mandatory overtime of an extra 10 hour shift. We anticipate that from mid November to Christmas it will be 50 hour weeks. We did get our preferred job of picking so that is good. Picking entails lots of walking. Its not a hard job and John calls it being paid to lose weight, as we typically will walk at least 5 miles (sometimes as many as 10) in a shift. 

One of the great things about doing a job like this is you are among lots of full time RVers. There are lots of rigs here, big and small, expensive and budget level (even a pop-up). The majority of the trucks are DRW pickups.  John wanted to see how many of each of Big 3 (Ford, Chevy, Ram) there were and basically it was evenly divided. Darn, John thought for sure it would be mainly Ram trucks, he is a little biased. 

We do have one couple here that we know: Laurie and George. We have been reading each other’s blogs for a long time and we met up with them last year in Augusta GA. George has been here since September but Laurie’s dad recently passed away and so she has spent the last 3 months in California helping her mom. She just arrived back this
week. It is always a treat to meet up with friends.

Saturday night Laurie and George invited us to go to a potluck out at Green River State Park where there are more Amazon people. It was a delight to get to know more full timers. Everybody is adjusting to their new jobs and it was fun to hear about all the different jobs they are doing. We are all in this boat together and are rowing as fast as we can.
Today we ran errands but also wanted to take in the fall color. 

Campbellsville has a college called Campbellsville University, a small Christian College right in the middle of town. Very pretty little campus and they say the dining hall is actually the best restaurant in town. We strolled the campus and then made the decision to return to the State Park for some leaf peeping and fall photos.

Next weekend when we switch to the new schedule we actually will have and extra day between shifts. We plan to take one of those days to do a little more sight seeing and that will probably be our last opportunity for that. Once OT starts we will simply be just too tired.

On a whole different note, John and I are starting a second blog dedicated to our new way of eating that we discussed awhile back. I’ve been wanting to share more but I know it will only interest some and so I will have a link in the side bar to it. It’s called Eating with the Flamingo. John is actually pretty passionate about this subject so I told him he has to step up and do more of the posts. I’ve written two posts so far and now it’s his turn. If eating with less processed food and omitting added sugar interests you than I hope you will join us there as we go down this journey. 

Hope ‘yall (we are in the south now) are having a great fall.


  1. Glad you like it at the Kentucky facility. The fall pictures are beautiful!!!

  2. We're sure glad you guys are here and in the same park as well. I hope we can get together before it gets too crazy! Going to check out your other blog.

  3. Sounds like you are settling in just fine. Nice that you have the job of picking. Walking 5-10 miles a shift beats standing in one spot for long lengths of time. It is always nice to have the camaraderie of others with similar interests. Have fun and I hope the time goes by fast for you both.

  4. Hard to believe it's time to gear up for Christmas already. It's only July isn't it? lol Glad you got the position you wanted and get luck with the weight loss.


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