Beautiful Lake Powell

We have been here at Lake Powell for the last week and what a beautiful week it has been. Warm (but not too warm) days and cool nights. We have had some wind but Wednesday was the only day it made hiking a challenge. That was only because then our allergies kick up, it's definitely the pollen season. 

We are camped at the Wahweap campground at the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. It is a very nice campground and part of the Lake Powell Resort, so you also get access to their pools, restaurants etc. The best part of this campground are the views. Most sites have a great view of the Lake. We are in a pull thru but next time we would choose a Barack in or pull out type site. You get a little mores space that way and the cost is the same for all the FHU sites. This is a pretty pricey campground but the views make it worth it and I am so glad we are here.

Sunday we took the Canyons Adventure Cruise. A gorgeous day and a great way to see more of this area. They have a much longer cruise (7+ hours) that takes you close to the Rainbow Bridge which is suppose to be spectacular but the low lake levels means you have to hike about a mile out and back to get to see it. For us the length and price of that particular cruise made us decide on the one we took. John's leg is much better so we probably would have been ok for the hike. We will be doing some significant hikes next week so I don't want him to push it too much now. No matter the cruise it a great way to see the Lake.

Page is just a couple miles from here and it is famous for its slot canyons, this is something I didn't want to miss. Because they are on Navajo land you can only visit them with guides. Antelope Canyon has both an upper , and lower canyon. We chose the lower canyon. I really don't have the words to tell you how beautiful this canyon is. The lower canyon is very narrow and the play of the light on the walls is amazing. I am so glad we went. Next visit we will check out the upper canyon. All the photos today are from our phones, we still are figuring out the camera to tablet thing. We need a cable we don't have and the closest thing to an electronic stores we have been near is Walmart and they don't have what we need.

It has been a delightful week and tomorrow we move on to Moab. We hope to spend significant time in Arches NP and also try to visit Canyon Lands NP and Capital Reef NP. It should be a busy week.  Hope you all are enjoying the spring.
Happy Trails.......


  1. We do regret missing the Page area of northern Arizona, but hope to make it back there another year.

  2. That's one of our favourite areas. We dry camped on the beach at Lone Rock for $10 a night.
    Safe travels!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful place to stay. Will bookmark that spot for sure.

  4. Beautiful place:) Looks like the water levels remain pretty low:(

  5. We are arriving at Wahweap the end of the month. Thanks for the preview! I Also have a lower antelope canyon tour booked with Ken's Tours. Can't wait!


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