Lake Powell and Page AZ part2

We are back in Iowa for the summer. It's always busy when we get here and this year is no different. So let the games begin! Our trip home was a fast one with stops in Durango CO, Loveland CO, Grand Island NE, Omaha NE and then to Storm Lake IA.  All of that before landing here in Cedar Rapids IA. We finally got a cable and card reader for the iPad. Yippee! I am back in business with photos. I am storing them on the Amazon Cloud where as Prime members we have unlimited photo storage. We visited so many fun places this spring it took me awhile to get them up and edited. What I have decided to do is to revisit the places we have been and finally post on the rest of our spring travels. Today I want to post some more photos of Lake Powell and share some about Antelope Canyon in Page AZ.

Houseboat at Lake Powell

As I said in the last post, Lake Powell is worth the stop. Someday I would love to do a house boat trip here. They say fall is the best time and that they run specials then, which would be good because it is pricy. We went to the Marina and checked out one of the boats. It would definitely be fun with a group. I hope you enjoy the photos. These are much better than from my phone.
Lower Antelope Canyon

Page AZ is just outside the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and is the town that was founded when the work on the dam began. It's actually a nice little town that thrives on the tourist business. This area is also on Navajo land and a big attraction here are the Antelope slot canyons. This is another spot that has been on my bucket list, as I have admired photos of them for a long time. There are actually two areas: the upper and lower canyon. Both canyons require you hire Navajo guides and besides the tour fee there is a charge for being on Navajo land. We chose the lower canyon tour and the fee was $28 a piece and well worth the price.

This is someone exiting the slot canyon, thus the name slot canyon.

Our guide was a 20 something Navajo girl that was very knowledgeable and great with helping people with their cameras to get the best shots. She explained that the upper and lower canyons are very different in that the lower canyon is narrow at the bottom and widens at the top while the upper canyon is narrow at the top and wider at the bottom. The difference is how and when the light plays off the canyon walls. Our tour was at about 3 pm and the lighting was great but she said at the upper canyon early morning or late evening is the best. Next time we visit we will take in the upper canyon. That said this is a beautiful place and almost a surreal feeling to it. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed the visit.
This is all the closer to the edge I wanted to go but...

I took a deep breath went closer and got this shot.

One last place I want to share photos from is Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River which is also just outside of Page. I found it difficult to photograph this place as you need to get close enough to the edge to really see all of it and that is a little closer than I like to be. No railings here so for me this was a challenge but I am determined not to let my fears stop me from seeing these incredible places. I got out far enough for a couple photos, far enough to make John uncomfortable watching me. This probably would have been even a better photo if I wasn't shaking in my boots.

I still have a couple more places to tell you about so I will work on a couple more posts. Until then..Happy Trails..............


  1. Thanks for sharing more of your pictures. They are beautiful. I can't wait to get there some day!!

  2. Lake Powell was one of our favourite spots. We didn't know about Antelope Canyon so thanks for the tour. It's now on our bucket list.
    Safe travels!

  3. We had the same itinerary a couple weeks ago..Lower Antelope and Horseshoe Bend! They were both amazing, we are so blessed to be able to visit sights like this. Enjoy your summer in Iowa.

  4. Great pictures-really like the first one:)

  5. this spot is still on our bucket list and one we will likely visit next time out west...

  6. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. I can't wait to see that next year!


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