New laptop and finally back to the blog

Well, I tried learning Word Press but it also did not work well with the iPad and since we had found a couple other things we can't seem to accomplish in the tablet format we decided to bite the bullet and get a new laptop. Costco was running a special so here I am finally blogging again. I am having to learn Windows 10 but I am getting there. This is the first Windows pc we have had in a long time. I have to say Macs are a little more intuitive but I know I can figure this out with a little time. So now I can blog without wanting to throw my devices out the window.

We are currently in Yuma at Fortuna De Oro, a Cal-Am resort. We have been here about 2 weeks and are enjoying ourselves. This is a busy place, always something to do. Our friends Kevin and Evelyn (Chronicles of Kevelyn) are here too and that makes it even better.  There has been some pickle ball playing, a trip into Los Algodones Mexico and lots of happy hours. One thing I will say for this park is there are lots of freebies. Parties with free food and beer! Today it was the first softball game with a team from this park playing a team from the park next to us. Both are Cal-Am parks so free food and beer for everyone, what a deal. :)

John is back working on the rig, trying to finish up the wood on the stairs and I am doing lots of Christmas knitting. We had some fun on the way down here with stops at the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert National Park, a couple days in Albuquerque, and a short stop in Cottonwood AZ near Sedona. So for now I will share a few of the photos from those places.

From the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert....

Where Old Route 66 ran through the park, right along these telephone poles, and a Studebaker that still sits there....

Took a ride in the godola in Albuquerque....

A little bit of fall color too
A visit to Old Town Albuquerque...

A wonderful hike in Sedona.....

Lastly just wanted to share one of the little campers displayed at Enchanted Trails RV park in Albuquerque, in honor of my granddaughter...its named the "Evelyn"

Now that I have things working even though I did have one snag with blogger, it wouldn't work correctly with the Windows 10 Edge browser so I had to install the Chrome browser. That was easy and now things are going smoothly Yea!!!!

So Happy Trails..........................................


  1. Welcome back!

    We also love our laptops. The tablet is convenient for getting on the internet and checking emails etc, but not so good for other things.

  2. welcome back... geesh I might even would get my cleats out of the closet for free beer!

  3. We loved the Painted Desert, and of course we are partial to Sedona since it was our home for several years. Not sure I could use a Windows based PC again after using a Mac. Enjoy!

  4. Which laptop did you buy? We're having issues with the iPad and are considering replacing it with a Windows machine, too.

    1. We bought a Dell Inspirion 15 5000 series. Bought it from Costco online. Shopping forone of these is always an adventure.

    2. Our big computer is a Dell Inspiron 5547. Bought it a year ago and really like it, except we've had some problems with the touchpad. Just got a Microsoft Surface 3 yesterday from Costco. So far it seems like it will be a great replacement for the frustrating iPad.

  5. I could not survive without a laptop:) Looks like you are having a great time.


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