My Christmas Wish

Sunset over Yuma

This Christmas what I really want is  for the words spoken by the angels “Peace on Earth and goodwill toward men.” There is so little of it right now. If you listen to the news, read the paper, or pay attention to the internet what I see is people who wish each other ill, who say hateful things about those they disagree with. I see people who believe guns are the answer to whatever problem exists, not just having them but using them on each other. I see how poorly we treat those in need, who are poor, sick, or homeless.

What I really want is for all Christians to remember what the Christ child would ask of us: to feed the hungry, take care of the sick, love your neighbor as yourself (and I believe he meant this in the global sense). In conflict, Jesus asked us to love others and to turn the other cheek if we were wronged. In His ministry He didn’t see people with the labels (black, white, Jew, or Gentile, poor, wealthy), He saw them all as people he loved. I know none of us can do that all of the time, we certainly aren’t perfect, but can’t we at least try?

I hear there is a war on Christmas but I don’t believe that’s true. I believe there is a war within us. We let people with malice in their heart tell us what we should believe instead of showing us what Jesus would really do, not the catch phrase but the action. Jesus hung out with those that most of us would turn our backs on today- the poor, the hated tax collectors, a prostitute, and a bunch of lowly fisherman. We are not so different today than those people.Today we still have the poor, the sick, and the prostitutes as well as the drug addicts, gang members, and the migrant workers. If He were here do you think he would hang out with the minister at a mega-church, the politician, the owners of corporations, the wealthy? Or do you believe He would be with the homeless on the street, the drug addicts struggling to get clean, the children who are abused, the mentally ill who have trouble coping in life. I know where I think He would be.
I do think there are Christians out there doing that work but you don’t hear much from them as they are probably far too busy. Perhaps, just perhaps, this Christmas the rest of us could put down our guns, put away the ugly words of hate and do a little something for someone else. If we have time perhaps that can be our gift, if we have money perhaps we can give a little more, if we know others who are struggling in life perhaps there is something we can do to comfort them or make their lives a little easier. There are so many ways and many take precious little from us and mean so much to those in need. Look at the world a little differently this season. Looking at people as worthy of love even those who don’t look like us, talk like us, or believe as we do, because Jesus loves them all. What He cares about is how we treat each other. He came to teach us to love.

So my Christmas wish is for all of us to find that love that the Christ child came to bring the world and to pass it on. Peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Moonrise over Yuma


  1. What a fabulous message! Thanks for sharing with us and your point is well taken. We've tried to do the right things this season by helping our neighbors and folks in need. May God Bless you and yours. Merry Christmas,
    Tom and Donna!

  2. Thank you Jane for seeing through all the 'Holiday fog' and sharing the true reason for the season. Merry Christmas from the Fergs.

  3. "All we are saying is give peace a chance." John Lennon

  4. What wonderful words! Merry Christmas to you!

  5. Merry Christmas to you and John. I wholeheartedly agree. Why can't we all just get along!? Signs of the end times unfortunately..

  6. Beautifully written Janie. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to you and John.

  7. What a wonderful post. As future FT RVers the best "tip" I have read this year. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.


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