Leaving Yuma

A Christmas full moon

These are our last few days in Yuma. On Thursday we will be moving to Tucson. I have mixed feelings as we are leaving some people we have totally enjoyed. The time with Evelyn and Kevin is always fun and now we have new friends too. Martha and Brad who have shown us the way in Algodones Mexico, Bob and Marie and Dick and Wanda. It has been a nice group to get to know and spend our holidays with. The park has been filled with activities and we have enjoyed this RV resort probably more than any we have spent time in. I’m still a campground kinda’ girl but this park has made me think about what we will do when our travels are over. If we return to Yuma it will be most likely to this park.
Our group at our favorite restauarant in Algadones Mexico, Rancharito!

Merry Christmas with friends!

All the tents in the background a
are Tamale vendors
One Saturday we went with Brad and Marthat to the Tamale Festival in Sommerton AZ. I wasn't that familiar with tamales but what a fun little trip. There were 40 some tamale vendors. Some had samples you could try before buying and we took advantage of that and found a great vendor with no line! I can definitely say we have become fans of tamales. This festival has a couple stages with bands playing and one of the first bands up was of all things an Irish Band. They say they are the only Irish band in the Yuma area and I have to say they were great. They had our toes tapping and wishing we knew how to do an Irish gig. It certainly made my Irish guy a happy man.

Here is thte Irish Band

This week has been chilly as Yuma goes. What's nice here is that even when a cold wind blows or the temps are too cold for just sitting outside the sun is almost always shining. A couple days ago we had a major wind storm with gusts 40-50 mph and we were really rocking but still part of the day the sun was shining. That day however there was enough dust to keep us inside.  This type of storm is one of the down sides to the SW but luckily they don’t happen that often.

We are looking forward to our time in Tucson and hoping the temps will start warming up before our friends Mike and Trudy join us mid-month. They will still think it’s pretty warm compared to Iowa but I’d like it to be perfect. John’s foot seems to be getting much better finally and he is ready to go on some short hikes when we get to the Diamond J. The thing we love the most about the Diamond J is that the hiking is right there. So we will start slow and hopefully have him in good hiking form by the time our friends arrive.
I am back using the 10K trainer and have been running again. I’m back at week 4 but that’s ok as long as I am out doing something. Without John to hike with and the hiking club on hiatus for Christmas I haven’t gotten much in this month. Not much else to report so I will make this a short one.

I hope everyone is ready for a new year…….make it a great one.

Happy Trails………………………………..


  1. Glad you enjoyed your time in Yuma. I remember all the hiking paths in behind you at the Diamond J so it is a good thing that John's foot is getting better.

    Happy New Year to you both.


  2. Happy New Years! There's a few of us RV Dreamers in Quartzsite and more to come in January. It would be good to see you both again if you find yourself this way.


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