While in Coeur d'Alene, I was checking online for things to do in the area and came across a tour of an Alpaca ranch. Being the fiber, knitting junkie that I am, I knew exactly what we were going to do. I contacted the farm online to see if they were having tours, turns out it was Alpaca farm weekend so we could just come out to the farm anytime 10-4 and check things out, normally the tours are $10 each. So on Saturday the sun came out (which was a good sign) and off we went to the Seven Stars Alpaca Ranch.
John surrounded by Alpacas

It was a beautiful drive into the mountains, and thank goodness for GPS to help us find it. Since it was a special weekend we thought there would some other visitors but we drove in to find we were the only visitors so we ended up getting a private tour. Andy and his wife own the farm and are transplants from Alaska. The farm is beautiful and immaculately kept (as farms go). They have about 30 Alpacas along with 2 Llamas, 2 Angora goats, an Icelandic sheep and a couple other rescue sheep. Alpacas are curious but fairly shy, so they wanted to check us out but really don't like to be petted or hugged. They are so cute and so soft. Banditio is their most social alpaca and we did get to check out his coat. The Angora goats, whose coats make them look a lot like a sheep, were definitely the most friendly. they were next to us begging to be petted and we kindly obliged.
John and his Angora goat buddies

Besides the alpacas the farm has 3 horses and 3 miniature horses and cattle. Andy wanted to bring the horses from one pasture to another and asked if we would help. It was an easy job and gave us a chance to check out the miniature horses. He was telling us they were bred to be used in mines to pull carts of ore. These three were rescue horses they took on and they are adorable.
The baby (or crea) on the farm

Angora Goats

Miniature horses

Hanging out on this farm on a beautiful day with a beautiful view. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and if you are in the Coeur d' Alene area this is a unique way to spend a few hours. Then if your a knitter like me make sure to pick up some yarn at their little store. It is labeled with the Alpaca it came from. I know have some special yarn from Bandito and Carinia. I will have to find a very special project for it.
The view at Seven Stars Alpaca Ranch

We moved to Boardman Marina and RV Park in Boardman, Oregon, This is a beautiful little park. The sites are nice and large and it is on the banks of the Columbia River. The weather has been almost perfect these last three days. There is a nice trail along the river and just sitting outside has been great. We had too many cold rainy days the last few weeks so this is a real treat. Tomorrow we move on to Portland. Looking forward to more adventures.

Happy Trails.......................
Last light on the Columbia River, Boardman Oregon


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