What I've learned from my granddaughter

Life Pro Tips is a topic on Reddit that collects the wisdom of people that have lived life and want to pass on a few of the things they've learned. But what would you call it if you get your tips from a three year old? I call it Life According to Evie. Or maybe: From the Mouths of Babes (although she would be quick to point out that she is not a baby, she's a big girl.)

When she was two, she taught me that when things go south, no matter how guilty you are you should hold your hands over your mouth, act surprised and say "Oh no, how did that happen?" When she was three she came up with this gem: "That's ok; that happens sometimes." I'm guessing she heard it from her mother or her dad, but she applies it with a broad brush. Anything that might be described with a preface of "uh-oh" is quickly followed by "That's ok; that happens sometimes." It's used to offer absolution and forgiveness, and to move on. Even if it was your fault. Or maybe especially if it was your fault. It's a bandaid for minor wounds, but once you start saying it, you start pushing the boundaries to how much stuff it will cover. This is from a little girl who still believes a kiss will fix many scrapes and bumps. This power is invested in parents and grandparents, but can only be given by the very young. And when does this kiss lose the power to heal? Never. It's not the kiss that changes, it's the belief in what that kiss can do. As long a you believe, that kiss actually helps. So how cool would it be if we could actually forgive ourselves, or someone else, and move on? All it takes are the magic words: "That's ok, that happens sometimes." You have to believe. You have to forgive. And you have to move on. For a three year old, it's no harder than breathing. She's my hero.

- John


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