Here comes the sun....finally!!

It has been raining in Iowa for over two weeks. It is not just little rain showers either,its one severe thunderstorm after another. The last two weeks a front has been sitting over our state with what the weather people here call training thunderstorms. I’m not sure what the science of it is but I can tell you it means it is raining cats and dogs as the old saying goes. Yesterday again we awoke to storms and it was getting a little old. I had to work all day in Iowa City and drove in good rainstorm to get there. When I came out from work the southern sky was black and you could see the clouds rolling in.  I was thinking it was going to be another interesting drive but as I headed north to Cedar Rapids there was sun shine ahead. :) I could see the dark sky behind me but it never made it’s way to CR, by early evening the wind came up a little and blew the clouds out, the humidity went down and it was an absolutely evening.

I woke up this morning to blue skies and it made my day. I was so excited that after a dental appointment I went to the car wash and washed the truck. For those of you who have never met me one of the things you will notice when you do is that I am on the short side, all of 5 feet 1. Our truck is a one ton duelly pickup and is on the big side as pickups go.  I actually take a step ladder to the car wash with me as it is the only way I can get in the bed of the truck and that is the only way I can clean the roof of the cab. I’ve had guys at the car wash shake their heads and laugh as they watch me washing this truck, but I get the job done.:) I then came home and shinned it up a little more and cleaned out the inside.

It is break time now so I am sitting with my computer in my new recliner outside on our rig. Life is good. Hope the sun is shinning where you are and you are enjoying it as much as I am.

Thought I'd include a photos from Father's day. Here we are with our handsome son's.


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