Mac in the house

The DW said I was slack’n, and of course she’s right. So I’m back on topic. Sort of. Lots of stuff to tell you, some of which might even be interesting. Or not.
First cool thing is: we have a new Mac, as in an Apple MacBook Pro laptop, that I get to type this on. I’m a long time Windows user, so a Mac is new to me but it wasn’t really a hard decision. My last computer purchase came with Windows Vista installed on it. A year later, Windows 7 was introduced as the next new thing, but by then I knew I would never own another Microsoft product. Even if they offered me a free upgrade. Which, of course, they didn’t because Microsoft has no conscience. Or they never would have released Vista. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you’re probably already a Mac user, so good for you. Anyway, I love this thing. I wasn’t even tempted to get an IPad. I wanted a real keyboard to type on, and this was a great looking package. It has the cutest power connector with a magnet on the end that sucks it on to the laptop. It fits in either direction and pops off if you forget you’re still tethered when you get up and take you computer with you.
We’re officially full timers now. Everything we own is in either the truck or the 5th wheel except for the two cars the boys are driving. But we’re still buying stuff. Janie now has a reclining lawn chair that is very nice. We got this one from Cabelas. It has an adjustable pillow and dries out very quickly. Which is good, because the DW is short and it’s been raining a lot lately. I want one now, but I used my all my gift points to get my new Five Finger shoes or maybe it’s a sock but it has individual toes. The book “Born to Run”, which you should read, has made this a running shoe but I have yet to use them for running. But I might.
Retirement is the next big thing for us. August 27th is my last day, but we’re having fun with our new lifestyle so I’m sure the time will fly. We need to the practice, so I’m content to hang around the local parks and even get in some commute time on my bicycle. Not too exciting, but that can be good. 


  1. Hey there - great luck with the new adventure. What a life! We ,too, found we needed very little to be happy. Everything that we need we have.

  2. Glad you like your new computer. I guess I am one of the rare ones. I had no problem with my Windows Vista and use it every day.


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