Just a quick post. We filled up the truck today with diesel. Just $3.89 a gallon! That is $.15 less than our last fill up and the first time in a month that it was under $4. Starting to celebrate Mitch's graduation tonight. I may have to make a toast to lower fuel prices - even if it is temporary!


  1. i guess the oil companies heard I have sacked my RV plan for the future.

    Maybe gas will stay low until the idea resurfaces!

  2. Somewhat sad that we are celebrating $3.89 diesel prices, but cause for celebration none the less!

  3. That's a great price for diesel. Now if it would just drop another $.50 a gallon. Then we could really party.

  4. Nothing less than $4 in Washington State (at least what we have seen). The cheapest we found in the Tri-Cities was $4.35 a gallon. Ouch! Good thing we are staying in one place for the summer.

  5. Such a blessing when we can save money on fuel!

  6. wow..send some of those prices our way! The west coast is really high.


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