This last week has been a busy one. Started with Mitchell’s graduation, back to CR so I can start work teaching my first class of the semester, John heads back to Decorah to move some of Mitch’s stuff back and it is now the holiday weekend. I haven’t taken the time to post so I think I will do several posts in the next couple of days instead of trying to stuff it all into one post.
Today I’ll just share Mitch’s graduation. He actually isn’t quite finished as he has some language credits to get this summer. He’ll be taking German at the U of Iowa this summer. It is a long story as to why he doesn’t have this done. Partly his own fault but also several snafus by the college. He actually has a semester of Norwegian that he didn’t get credit for because the program didn’t get that part of the curriculum approved as part of his abroad program. So he has to start over with a different language. 
The good part is, Luther allows anyone who will be graduating in 2011 to walk at graduation. They only have one commencement so for those of us that have had our kids here we get that opportunity to see them walk. A private college education is an expensive adventure for both us and Mitch so I feel we deserve that experience. The ceremony is outside at the stadium when the weather permits. The weather was very iffy in the morning but it looked like they could get it in before the rain. Luckily the rain held off, but the wind came up and caps were flying. During the benediction there was lightning in the distance.
The commencement was on Sunday morning but the graduates had been partying all week. The seniors get together and plan what is called Seniors week where there is a traveling party, each day at a different house. Mitch’s house party was Saturday. We headed over there after dinner and here is what my college son looked like. 
Really looks like a grad, don’t you think.
Mitch and his buddies and fellow grads. All having a good time!

Luckily he looked better the next day, though still a little bleary eyed.
To say we are proud parents would be an understatement. Now it is on to finding a job and entering the real world! I think the day he is employed is when we will really celebrate.
Happy Trails.........................


  1. You have every right to be proud. Graduating from college is a major achievement for all of you. Congrats. And good luck with teaching your class.

  2. Congratulations to all of you. It seems each child's college adventure is different. To graduate is an amazing accomplishment you should all be proud of. Good luck with your class!


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