Sedona, Prescott, and some down time.

Fay Canyon

Been pretty lazy the last couple of days. I think all of our running around caught up with us and we just needed a little down time so I am finally sitting down to let you know what we’ve been up too.
View from mesa at top of Doe Mountain
John liked the bark on this tree
Thursday we headed to Sedona to do a little hiking and check out the town. It definitely is a beautiful area. The town is nestled in the lovely red rocks. We stopped at the visitor center to get the scoop on some hiking and get a map. The guy we talked to recommended Doe Mountain and gave us maps and directions. I had some suggestions from friends too but this one sounded like one we’d enjoy. We followed his directions to where we thought the trail head was but didn’t find it we went a little further and found a parking lot but the trailhead was for Fay Canyon. This hike looked pretty easy so we were there why not take it. It was a very nice hike and at the end of the rail we met a couple who spend a lot of time in Sedona and they had a real hiking map and saw that the trail head for Doe Mountain was just a little further down the road so  back to the parking lot we got in the truck and this time actually found the trail head. This hike was definitely more challenging with lots of switchbacks all the way up to the top of the mesa. What a beautiful view from the top. You can walk across the mesa and view the red rocks on that side too. The climb is only .7 miles but it is all uphill. It is rated a moderate hike and I’d agree with that assessment. Glad we did this one. There are so many hikes around here you could be here a month and not take them all. We thought we’d come back another day but we ran out of steam and didn’t make it back. guess we will just have to visit the area again.
Once we were done hiking we decided to check out Oak Creek Brewing, we hate to miss out on a local microbrew. it was a bit of a challenge finding a parking place but we finally did. The brewpub is in a shopping area so we also checked out some of the shops on the way in. This is a very busy place, maybe a little too busy for our preferences. We made it into the brewpub and ordered there brew sampler called “The Seven Dwarfs”. It is nice that they give you enough in each sample that we were able to share. The brews are ok, not as good as many of the other microbreweries we’ve been to but we always enjoy the experience. We also got a couple appetizers and I have to say their crab cake appetizer is delicious. Time to head back.
Friday we visited Prescott. We were here last year when we drove up from where we were staying Cave Creek. This time it really was more of a shopping trip. They have a brand new Trader Joe’s so I got a few thing I forgot when were there last. We also had to get to Hobby Lobby because I had some thread I was missing for my next project and John needed a few things at Home Depot.  it was lunch time when we arrived so we headed to the town square and a brewpub we had been to last year. The Prescott Brewery is very good and we feel the quality of the brews are far better than the one in Sedona. So lunch and shopping made for a good trip. we decided to take the scenic road back and hopped on 89A. It is a curvy mountain road but a beautiful drive. 
After the week at the Grand Canyon and hopping around this area by the time Saturday arrived all we wanted to do was relax. So that is what we’ve been doing. We did do our workouts both days but after that John watched the Master’s Golf tournament and I read and worked on my cross stitch. Sometimes you just need to slow down and enjoy. When we were at Home Depot we found a hummingbird feeder and John had a plan to mount it which worked like a charm. so while I was out relaxing I did get to watch a couple hummingbirds. 
A beautiful sunset at Dead Horse Ranch
We’ll have to visit again someday and do more hiking in this area. We really like it here. Its a little bit desert and a little mountain, nice combo. Tomorrow we are off to New Mexico again. Our destination is Navajo Lake State Park up in the Farmington area to camp with Char and Bill that we met last year in Tucson. They have an identical rig so the twin rigs will be planted there for a week. Tomorrow night we will probably only make it to Gallup and just do a Walmart night. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!
Happy Trails.......................


  1. I like that campground. Putting it on the list! Safe travels to NM...

  2. I think it's always a good idea to take a day off from exploring now and then. :)

  3. i am really looking forward to spending some time in that area...

  4. Glad you enjoyed the Sedona area. I agree the town is too much of a tourist trap. We are in need of a new hummingbird feeder. Can you show a picture of how John mounted it. The new one you got looks sturdier than the one I currently have and want to replace. Happy Easter!

    1. I'll take a couple more pics soon. We got it at Home Depot and it is not the clear plastic that we've had break so we thought it would be a good one. Put it out and within an hour had 2 little visitors.

  5. Sounds like a whirlwind trip so you are both probably in need of some R&R. You settled on a couple of good hikes in Sedona; both Fay Canyon and Doe Mountain are beautiful. Safe travels as you head to NM.

  6. The Sedona area is definitely one of the most picturesque places any RV'er can ever visit - we just loved it there.

    Glad to see you were able to get out and so some hiking and then, most importantly, just relax for a bit!

    Safe travels to Gallup.

  7. That is beautiful country. Looking at the pictures, it is clear we have to go back:)


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