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Last night before my last post, I switched over to the new blogger format. Today I went in to change a couple settings that Rick talked about on the comments, (went to embedded comments), when I checked the settings it turns out when I made the switch it turned the word verification back on. Got it turned off again, I think. Sorry if it popped up for anyone, it is such an annoying feature.

Happy Trails.........


  1. I agree - that word verification is the pits! Glad you got it turned off again.

  2. Thanks! I hate it. They are hard to read, and now that they have two words to figure out...it takes several times to get it right!

  3. oh, no...not the dreaded word verification :)

    I'm still finding it occasionally and wonder if they know it's on?

  4. At least the dreaded 'word verification' is off on your blog now.

    Looks like Blogger still has some work to do before this new format is ready for prime time but they'll no doubt go and install it anyway.

    1. You are right. I mean you make one little change and the thing pops back on. I am just glad I checked when I did and that was only because of the suggestion you made to go to embedded in the comments. Thanks Rick.

  5. From some forums I get the sense that the default to Word Verification 'yes' is a bug and you'll see it revert to yes every time you go to your dashboard. I've seen that happen with my blog. The good news -- it does not seem to really turn the verification feature back on; it just looks like it does.

  6. I had the same experience when I went to the new format. word verification turned on by default:(


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