On the road again............

The famous Corn Palace

As we left Cedar Rapids, that Willie Nelson tune just kept playing through my mind and it brought a smile to my face. Its always good to spend time with family and friends but after 2+ months we were ready to head out. We are leaving with lots of great memories of weddings, time with our kids, great-nephews, and close friends (its always hard to leave Trudy but we hope someday they will join us for a few trips).
Preparing stuff for the murals

They call it paint by colored corn.

We have reservations at Custer State Park on August 8th (Wednesday). We debated about the route and thought we might be going to Madison SD first as we have some documents (redid our wills) that we thought we’d pick up but we procrastinated long enough that they wouldn’t get there in time so we opted for the shortest route. We knew we wanted to at least get across most of southern Minnesota, we had such a smooth trip that we decided to go al the way to Mitchell SD. Now that I am driving part of the time, the shared driving makes those longer stretches easier on both of us. We are staying at a R & R Campground just behind the Super 8. Its an ok RV Park and the Passport America price makes it a good deal. We are here three nights so we are checking out some of the local attractions.
One of the murals inside the arena

I love the corners.
Many of you know this is the home of the Corn Palace. Its quite a site, every year the murals are redone with a new theme and they are all made out of local grasses, grains and corn.  It is also an arena where they play basketball and have concerts and performances. They are still working on all this years murals but it looks like they don’t have too much more to do. This years theme was youth activities and features lots of different youth sports. Had to get a photo of the hockey panel for all my hockey sons and fans.

There is also a Cabela’s here so we spent some time there browsing. Didn’t find anything we couldn’t live with out. We did buy a couple things at the Corn Palace gift shop. Since we have a son named Mitchell, had to get him a shirt (he never reads the blog so it will still be a surprise) and I found a great hat.
My new hat!

I haven’t told you yet but I got a little crazy before we left CR. I’d been thinking about cutting my hair short for some time. I didn’t want to do until after the wedding - I mean what if I didn’t like it? I’ve had short hair before but not this short and it has been a very long time. So now I have a new ‘doo to start our journey. I’m liking it and it is easy to take care of.
It's pretty short!

Tomorrow we plan on going to the McGovern museum and just have some down time, in fact as I write John is snoozing in the recliner.

Happy Trails..................


  1. Love the new doo! Isn't the corn palace something else. We went there with our kids on the way to Yellowstone one year. I'm looking forward to being on the road again too, but we still have two months to go. Then it will be only a few weeks of freedom on our way to Amazon. Oh well, at least we will be free in the winter. Enjoy your travels and stay safe!

  2. Wow, your hair did get short :) Looks good, and so much easier (if I do say so myself)! So many RV-dreamers in SD, and we won't be there until October 8th.

  3. It is a great place! We were there once for the redecoration of the outside. Thanks fro the revisit:)

  4. That Corn Palace in Mitchell sure pulls folks in for a look. It got us to Mitchell for sure.

  5. Love the short hair. When we started on the road I hacked mine off and quit dying it. Best thing I ever did. It is so much easier and I love it. The Corn Palace is such a neat place. It's amazing what they can do with corn and weeds. You guys enjoy your relaxation time. You've earned it.

  6. Glad to hear you are heading west! I'm liking your new hat and your do!


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