Sheridan WY and Livingston MT

Good bye to Bob the Bison, our campground mascot!

After an excellent week at Custer State Park, on Tuesday morning we drove to Sheridan WY.  If you stop here there is an nice little RV park called Peter D’s right off I-90. The guy who owns it keeps it immaculate. They are all pull throughs and there is a hill that buffers the noise from the interstate. The sites are a little close but for a short stay it is great. We decided to stay 2 nights and use Wednesday to get an oil change on the truck, do laundry, and get groceries. That worked out pretty well except for a little trouble with the oil change. We took the truck in and were waiting quite awhile. I began to wonder if there was a problem; well there was. Seems the mechanic when he was taking off the oil filter had a wrench slip and took out our AC sensor. I have to say though that they handled this very well. They came and explained the issue and that they didn’t have the right one in stock and had to order one that would arrive Thursday morning. They said the truck usually arrived at 11-11:30 and it would a take a few minutes to put the new sensor in and we could be on our way. Thursday our plan was to drive to Livingston MT and if we could get on the road by 12-12:30 we would get in to Livingston around 5. Peter D’s was very understanding and so we slept in a little Thursday and the dealer got the part at about 11:30 just like they predicted and we were on the road by noon. I have to credit Sherdian Motors as they handled it very professionally and we also got our oil change for free. It’s good to have an AC sensor as the weather is suppose to get a little warmer again.
View across the river at Sacajawea Park

Statue of Sacajawea in the park

We arrived in Livingston and when we pulled into the park I knew right away I didn’t want to stay here very long. Usually when I read a park review online I can keep from ending up somewhere like this but I must not have read close enough. It’s behind a motel and has some mobile homes and the some RVs that look like they have been there forever. Lots of junk around too. So after some discussion, we decided to see if we could get in at the park in Missoula earlier. They could take us on Saturday; ok, 2 nights here, I can handle it. We didn’t even unhook the truck. I’d read that you could walk into town so I downloaded a map of the city. On Friday we walked into Livingston, which actually is a nice little town. First we checked out Sacajawea Park along the Yellowstone river. Nice walking path and it’s a pretty little park. Then we worked our way to their downtown and the Depot Train Museum. The museum is free is really quite nice. There is a little diner called the North Pacific Beanery next to the museum. We had hoped to meet Sandie and Jim Dixon here for lunch on Sunday but since we weren’t staying that long, that didn’t work. She picked a good one though. We ate lunch here. John was happy because they were still serving breakfast (his favorite) and I got an excellent bowl of clam chowder.  So in spite of the RV park we had an enjoyable day in Livingston.
The Depot and Train Museum in Livingston MT

Today we headed out and drove to Missoula MT. I have scoped out quite a few things for us to do here and when we arrived at Jim and Mary’s RV park we knew we’d made the right decision. It is a nice little gem of a park. The sites aren’t as close as many parks and there is some shade and some pretty landscaping. The last two parks didn’t have much appeal for sitting outside but that is where we are right now, just sitting out and relaxing in the shade of a nice tree and enjoying the rest of the day. Not sure what we’ll do tomorrow but I think its going to be a great week.
Happy Trails.........................


  1. Nice honest place you found for the oil change. Not every place would step up and admit their error, let alone give you the oil change for free. :)

  2. Sounds like a lovely little town despite the RV park. I guess they all can't be good :)

  3. Glad you got the truck taken care of with no hassles. Livingston is a nice little town but we find Bozeman to be even better, although much larger. Safe travels.

  4. So sorry it didn't work out for us to meet up but I can sure understand not wanting to stay at the park. Found a few of those along the way also. Enjoy Missoula. It's a fun place with lots of interesting places to visit.

  5. What a great place for service! Sorry you missed Jim and Sandie. I have a feeling they are great people.

  6. sounds like Sherdian Motors read the manual on customer service...


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