Short on minutes

Just a short post to my fellow bloggers. This month we have really eaten up the minutes on our aircard. Soon we will be moving to a new situation with 20G a month but for right now we have to stay in our 5G range. We have wi-fi at this park but it can be painfully slow and sometimes only parts of pages load. Such are the trials on the road (lol). I'm trying to keep up with reading and I may get another post done tonight and if I stay up late enough it may actually get get posted (just have to wait until all the other users go to sleep). We leave this park tomorrow and are headed to a COE park in Plymouth WA so that will be the end of wi-fi. You may not here from me here or in comments until after the 7th but know I'm trying to keep up by reading some on my phone. Until then....
Happy Trails..........................


  1. We are all so reliant on our technology. We would be lost without our smartphones, kindles, and laptops!


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