A week flies by......

Good-bye Spokane RV resort, can you believe how long these sites are!

Our site at Plymouth Park
Well, finally passed or month without going over our usage limit. Good thing I have a smart phone so we were still able to get emails and check Facebook. We moved to a COE park in southern Washington in the tri-city area. Most of the COE parks in this area actually closed September 4th, seems a little early to me but we were able to get into a w/e site at Plymouth park. Nice little park along the Columbia River. This area is mainly open plains but down by the river there are trees so we have some nice shade. The sites are almost all the pull through type that are pullovers and I think would be a little tight for many rigs but people seem to make them work. 
Columbia-Crest Winery

We’ve had a pretty easy going week. Thursday we visited the Columbia -Crest Winery that is about 20 miles away. It is the largest winery in Washington and we have bought some of their wine even back in Iowa so it was fun to visit and do a wine tasting here. The grounds are beautiful and after our tasting we sat outside with a nice glass of their Amitage, a red blend, and enjoyed a beautiful spot.

Saturday morning we headed into Pasco to a farmer’s market. This one is much larger than the one we went to in Spokane. I am getting really spoiled by all the fresh produce we have had lately. Today we bought lots of berries, nectarines, apples, potatoes, peppers and zucchini. Mmmmmmm

A special little treat this week, we found out Howard and Linda of RV-Dreams are camped about 30 miles from here. We are going to a rally they are having in Harrisburg Oregon in a little over a week. I checked in with Howard and we went over Saturday evening to just visit for a short time. We knew they had a big travel day today so we tried to keep it short. The website and journal they maintain were very instrumental in our decision to full time, we have learned a great deal from them. We are excited that we finally get to go to a rally. Its never lined up with our travel before so when our plans changed a little we were able to make it work. Yea!!
Pond on winery grounds, beautiful picnic spot

Tomorrow we take off again, we will spend a couple days in Bend OR, and the Thursday will be off to Diamond Lake near Crater Lake NP. So many of our blogger friends have talked about the beauty of Crater Lake that we are anxious to see it, as an added bonus we will be seeing our friends Lu and Terry too! Should be a great week and then it will be off to the Rally.

Winery grounds
One thing I haven’t mentioned is we have accepted a work camping position in Northern California for the winter at a campground called Canyon Creek. It is about 30 miles from Napa along the Putah creek. I think it is a Coast to Coast campground. We do know it is kind of isolated, no over the air TV and from some reviews it sounds like limited cell signal. We have decided we are going to make it work. We have talked about getting satellite tv and this may put us over the edge on that decision. If we can’t get an internet signal we may be heading in town once a week to do all our internet stuff.  It does sound like a nice campground in a quiet mountain setting and that really appeals to us. In the spring we plan on returning to the NW, working our way up the coast and up to Bellingham to visit John’s brother. That’s a long way off so I’ll think about that much later.
Flowers on winery grounds

Happy Trail.............................


  1. Love the beautiful pictures. I so am wanting to see the northwest. All of your pictures are so pretty. Congratulations on the work camping position. I'm sure you guys will make it work.

  2. So glad you guys get to go to Howard & Linda's rally. We've enjoyed 2 of them, and they are terrific people. It'll be good to go to another one, once we have been on the road for awhile.
    We are still waiting on the final word on our workamping position, but it will be in Morgan Hill, CA, looks like we'll be 2 hours away. Jan-March..

  3. We almost used all our gigabytes last month also. I was lost for the last week without being able to get on line except on the phone. So glad you're back. Congrats on the position. Not sure I'd like it with limited internet and cell service. I've gotten spoiled. Hope it works out really great for you.

  4. Will be looking forward to hearing about your workamping experience. Are you camp hosting? I think camp hosting is better for a couple, or maybe 2 single RVers could get together for the job. I'm hoping to visit the Northwest next year.

  5. We cannot wait to see the two of you. Glad to hear you have finalized your plans for the winter. Hope you enjoy CA as much as we do. See you soon!

  6. We were at the Spokane RV Resort at the same time you were. It's a small world. Maybe we'll run into each other again some time. I added a link to your blog on mine. www.robandmeinourlittlerv.blogspot.com


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