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View of Mt Thiesen from the Diamond Lake Bike Trail
The trail
Diamond Lake;
The bike trail around Diamond Lake in Oregon is beautiful, one of the best we have ever been on. It is 11 miles around and we actually went around twice. Highly recommended.

Dinner with Terry and Lu. Didn’t get to spend time at Crater Lake together but got to have dinner in Harrisburg. Such fun and some good laughs, definitely not long enough.

RV-Dreams Rally: A fun and totally exhausting week. I actually took only a few photos. Sometimes I don’t want to live behind the lens and just experience life and that is how I felt this week. I learned so much, met lots of great people. If you are considering the full time RV life these are excellent rallies to go to. Wish we had gone to this one before we even bought the RV. If you are in the checking it out mode I encourage you to go to www.rv-dreams.com website and consider attending a rally.

Heading to California: We are sad to be leaving Oregon as we have absolutely fallen love with Oregon. Are original plan was to take Hwy 101 down the coast but when I asked Alan at Canyon Creek we found out there is no good way to get from the 101 to our park without really going out of our way so we are traveling down the I-5. It is better than we thought, a pretty stretch of interstate here in Oregon. My guess is it will get busier as we get into Califorina.
Rogue River along the bike trail

Valley of the Rogue State Park in Oregon is where we are for a couple nights. It is a very nice park. On the plus side, nice sites and a bike trail. On the minus side, too close to the I-5 so lots of road noise (although it quiets down at night). Tomorrow we are heading to Lake Siskiyou RV Park in California, a friend of ours (thanks Becky) recommended it. Then to Redding to visit with RV friends Sheryl and Jeff. Finally on to Canyon Creek and our camp hosting job for the winter. 
A view towards I-5 from the bike trail

Its going to take me awhile to catch up on my blogger friends adventures but I hope you all have been safe and well.
Happy Trails...............................


  1. Just got caught up on your blogs, you are at all our favorite places.

  2. Glad you had a good time at the rally. I think I told you we've been to 2 of them, and got a lot out of it. Now that we're soon to be on the road, we want to go to another one in the future. Safe travels to your job in CA.

  3. Every blog I've read about Oregon says the same thing about how fantastic a place it is. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to going there in the future. Glad you enjoyed the rally. I'd like to hear more about what you did and learned :)

    We're looking forward to hitting the road again even if it is only to Amazon. We'll have our free time this winter in Texas. Have a great time in northern California.

  4. Glad you enjoyed Oregon. Safe travels and perhaps we can figure out a way to meet up this winter.

  5. You are definitely in a beautiful part of the country right now. Your future plans sound pretty good too. Enjoy your travels and we'll be following along.


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