Baby Shower & More Summer Plans

Evelyn's first "piggy bank" or in this case lamb bank

What a fun day. Originally we planned to have the baby shower for our granddaughter, Evelyn, right at our rig - a fun day in the park right? Wrong. Mother Nature had other ideas. Thursday and Friday were two of the most beautiful days we’ve had this summer but late Friday evening the temps plunged and the rain began. After checking the forecast for the last few days the decision was made to move the shower indoors to my friend Trudy’s house. I am lucky to have such a wonderful friend.  This shower was a couples shower and yes the guys came. We had almost 40 people and it was so good to see so many friends again. 

Because the guys were a part of this instead of the usual shower games we did something a little different. I matted 4 photos of Evelyn with some funny expressions, and one sweet one, put post it notes and pens with them and had the guest suggest captions. Mitch’s friends in particular had a lot of fun with this and the prizes went to the 3 of his friends and one of their girlfriends. What a hoot. Here are the photos with the winning captions. Now its your turn, any suggestions??
Forest Whitaker Impression...

"So I put my hands up, their playing my song, there's a party in the USA."

Did Dad fart again?

Check it out..I can rub my belly and poop my pants at the same time!

Trudy and I had a lot of fun preparing the food. I don’t know how many of you are out on Pinterest but most of the food on the table were recipes we found there. I think I am addicted to Pinterest. It all turned out and though not all of them were hits, in general it was great. Lots of food , lots of presents, lots of good friends - what a great day.

Lately we have been firming up plans for both this summer and this winter, fall is still a mystery though. We have two short jaunts down to the Coralville Reservoir with friends John and Gayle, 5 days in June and a week in July. Then also in July we will spend a week in Wisconsin at the park our friends Evelyn and Kevin (RV Khronicles of Kevelyn) host at. We spent 2 months working at Amazon with them a couple years ago and haven’t had a chance to get together since. This also will be a great jumping off point to visit family in Madison and Waukasha. Then in August it will be off to Minnesota to spend a week near my friend Mary. All in all looks like a great summer.

Our friends John and Gayle have been telling us how wonderful the area around Destin, Florida is and so this winter we are finally venturing that way, I have made reservations starting December 1 at the Destin West RV Resort in Fort Walton Beach. The resort is newer and right on the bay. We plan on staying in that area for about 4 months. We have found for us the combination of being on the move and then staying put for a few months is the way we like it. I love the travel but I also like staying long enough to really get to know an area. Everyone is a little different in their styles of travel but this seems to work for us.

Hope that everyone has a great Memorial Weekend. Happy Trails...............


  1. We're very much looking forward to your visit. And guess what! We're exploring the gulf shores coast this summer and have a reservation at Henderson Beach State Park in Destin for March 2-8. How cool is that!

  2. I forgot to mention that I'm glad you had fun at the baby shower. The picture contest is a hoot! I'm driving up to Moorhead on Friday for a bridal shower for Cathryn. It's 1,000 miles round trip, but I didn't want to miss out on the festivities.

  3. Glad to hear the baby shower for your granddaughter was fun - even if the guys got to come too!

    Your rv'ing plans for the summer and winter sound pretty nice especially the 4 months down in Florida this winter.

  4. The pictures are hilarious - and what a great idea for a shower game.

  5. The pictures of Evelyn are precious! Sounds like the baby shower was a great time and that you have some fun times lined up for later this summer. We checked out the resort near Destin...looks wonderful.

  6. Sounds like the baby shower was a great success. What a great idea with captioning the baby pictures, I like the one "Did Dad fart again" the best.

    I am sure you will have a great summer, especially being able to meet up with friends along the way.



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