Being Grandparents and Reconnecting

We’ve been back in Iowa awhile now and I think it will always feel a little bit like home. It is nice to know where things are, like grocery stores. The other great thing is reconnecting with old friends and family. Randy, a good friend of ours, who actually went with us on one of our first dates, came out one night. That guy sure knows how to make me laugh. He is an avid skier and this year got to check heli-skiing off his bucket list. His stories are amazing.

Today I was grocery shopping at Target and ran into another friend that John use to work with: Chris and his wife Michelle.They have a new little girl named Harper who was with them; she is a cutie. John and I use to babysit occasionally for their older 2 kids, Luca and Carolina. We always thought of it as grandparent practice. They were the easiest kids to be with. Hard to believe that Carolina is 6. She wasn’t even walking last time we saw her. We definitely want to get together with them again and see the older two kids. They reminded me that we need to get together with a few other people John worked with too. There are some more new babies we need to o-o-o-o and ahhhhhh over. Love those babies.
She has her Grandpa's long fingers

Speaking of babies, Evelyn is doing well and we have even gotten to babysit a couple times already. The last time we went to their house and I took advantage of the time to do a little photo shoot. So I hope you are ready for a few cute baby photos!!!!!

The other very, very important person I get to reconnect with is my BFF (gotta be hip) Trudy. I have two friends that I consider sisters of the heart and they are Trudy and Mary. Mary lives is Minnesota but I will get to see her soon.  Trudy is right here in CR so we are doing coffee at least once a week and finding as much other time as we can to get together. Tomorrow we are headed to her house for a Mother’s Day gathering. It’s also her birthday so I have a fun gift for her (can’t give it away as she often reads the blog). Happy Birthday Trudy!!!

We still have family to get together with too. We are having a shower for little Evelyn on Memorial weekend so hope to see them there. We had hoped to see them for a get together on John’s birthday but that was changed when Evelyn decided it was time to make an appearance.

So life is good here in Iowa. It’s always harder to blog when we are staying put but I am hoping I can get it done once a week. It may just be to share more baby photos but who doesn’t like baby photos. :) I do have a list of other things to blog about so maybe I’ll even dust off that list. Until then,
Happy Trails..................


  1. You've got to spend all the time you can with family and friends when the opportunity arises! :)

  2. She is so tiny. It's always nice to be able to spend time with friends.

  3. Hey, family is more are BFF's :) Always like to see cute baby photos :)

  4. I love baby photos. What a cutie pie.

  5. When there are babies around, it is never hard to blog!

  6. Love the pictures. She is so precious!!

  7. Beautiful little girl... and she sure does have long fingers. Glad you get to enjoy all this time with family and friends.


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