Guess what--still raining!

I bet you are tired of that title. I know I'm tired of the subject- rain so that is all we will say about that. The days are flying past and our traveling days are quickly approaching. We are still trying to get all our ducks in a row. John is finishing up dental work and still has a colonoscopy and derm screening before we leave. I'm still working out where I am going to get my one prescription on the road - I could actually do an over the counter as it is the generic of Prilosec but it is a cheaper for me as a script and a little stronger than the OTC.

I ordered the invitations for the retirement party this weekend and John wrote a letter we are going to send our friends that we don't have emails for. It will kind of be a Christmas in August letter. The party is August 27th at the shelter at Morgan Creek. I have to say as the time gets closer it gets a little harder for me emotionally. I am excited for the future but at the same time saying good bye to the kids and my friend Trudy is going to be incredibly hard. I get a little weepy just thinking about it. I know that we will be back often and we actually don't see the kids that often but it is always nice to know we can call and get together even Mitch is just a couple hours away.

Trudy and I have been friends since just out of college (32 years). We were roommates for a couple years and she even came and lived with John and I when she was waiting on an apartment. We have watched each other go through the good and bad times. We were there for weddings, babies, graduations and lots of things in between. For the last 5 or so years we have met at least once a week for coffee at Paneras and spent a couple hours being each others support group. This will be the thing I miss the most. My sons are going to help us set up Skype so we can still have coffee once a week. It won't be quite the same but I think it will help. So I know there will be lots of tears at  the party. John hates it when I cry but that's tough because sometimes emotions run that way - and he'll get over it.

I asked John what he was looking forward to about this retirement plan. For him it is that it is different - I think he is glad for a change and a new adventure. For me it is getting to travel and see so many of the places I have longed to see. Vacations are just too short. When all you have is 1-2 weeks there is a limit to the places you can go, with this plan you just keep going, moving onto the next place that "tickles your fancy" (John just loves it when I use those old sayings). So I say tickle away and tally ho off to see the world!


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