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Praire in Bloom

It is another gray quiet day. We had a pretty intense storm last night. The lightning was incredibly close and there was hail for a short period. I get pretty nervous during the storms and John seems to think that is funny since when we were living in the house I use to stand outside and watch the storm come in. There is something about having a basement to retreat to that made that a little easier. I actually think my anxiety has increased since we went through a storm on our visit to Smith Center, KS to visit the Excel factory. John wrote about that experience and if you want a good chuckle you 'll have to read his entry about The Visit.

The things on our to do list are mainly outside right now. We want to wash and wax the rig but it seems like most of our days off are too rainy or incredibly hot so it may have to wait awhile yet. We also need to do some organizing of closets and storage spaces and I may tackle on of those today but maybe not being lazy has its own appeal.

Mainly today I have been catching up on my blog reading. I'm always learning from others on this journey. Today Karen gave me lots of ideas. As a result I have turned off the word identification feature on the comments and put on the review feature. Also I took my vitamins and supplements as a result of reading her blog. I know I feel better in general when I am taking them so why do I get so off track with that sometimes?

Then on Al's the Bayfield Bunch blog  he gave some guidelines to make for better blog entries. Now these are just his observations and he let's you know he hasn't followed them all but I agree with most of them. Al's blog is one I read almost daily so there must be something to what he says. If I could get John to write more, ours might be as entertaining as Al's but John seems to have to be inspired to write, not me I can ramble on just about any given day.

I also cruised through Laurie and Odel's blog, seems like they are always traveling to the places we want to go. They are in Michigan now and that is high on our list of places to visit. John lived for awhile in the UP and we want to spend some time there. It looks beautiful. So if you are having a lazy day like we are check out a few of our fellow bloggers and enjoy the day.


  1. Since John lived there, he probably already knows about this. A few years ago we camped at the Michigan State Park in the Porcupine Mountains. We went at the end of June through early July. We were surprised we got a beautiful sight right on Lake Superior. A few days later we understood why none of the locals were there. The most awful black flies came across Lake Superior. They absolutely swarmed the place, and they were not repelled by any spray. The worst part is they bit and bit and bit you. We ended up packing up in long pants and hooded sweatshirts and got out of Dodge. The ranger told us this was an annual event. We also went to the Apostle Islands in northern Wisconsin and Duluth (without the snow) :)
    It was a beautiful trip except a different time of year would have made it perfect!


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