Sometimes it's a bumpy ride!

Sometimes life is just a bumpy ride. We’ve had computer, phone and 5th wheel issues all in the last couple weeks. Neither one of us have been able to sit down and update the blog but today I just felt like it was time.
The computer......
We have a new MacBook Pro, which we love, but last week we were loading some music on it so that we could load John’s new iPod and have music for the truck. In the middle of it, the screen went to confetti and when he tried to do hard reboot it was a no go. A call to Apple and a day at an authorize technician and a new “logic board” (whatever that is) and the computer is working great again. One bump down.
The phone.......
When we updated phones we knew it was going to be our internet access too so I got my first smart  phone. At the time the Droid had just come out but we were told it couldn’t be tethered to the computer so they talked me into the Storm2 Blackberry. So far I’ve had to go in for a new battery,  twice I had to do a soft reset when it just quit and then last week I had to call on my husbands phone and with some help did a hard reset. Also guess what, you can tether a Droid using some software called PDAnet. Verizon doesn’t tell you about because once you buy the software (around $30) you can connect with no charge from Verizon (tethering the Storm cost $30 per month for 5G) and no 5G limit. I am really unhappy with the Storm 2 and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I think we will be changing to a Droid soon.
The 5th Wheel.......
We have had some issues with the front hydraulic levelers almost from the start and called the dealer twice but no one seemed to have an answer. Last week John got to meet and spend some time with a fellow we had connected with on the Excel owners forum. He has helped several times and was driving through our area. Tom (rockintom) told John what the problem was and when we talked to our dealer they said they had never heard that from Excel. Well on Tuesday we were moving to Morgan Creek, got there, tried to put the levelers down, started out ok and then they just quit. Good thing we were still hooked up to the truck so called the dealer and headed to Dubuque to have them look at it. Now here is the fun part. Tom had told John who they needed to talk to at Excel about the hydraulics.  So when the service guy was able to duplicate the problem he said he was going to call Excel - John said make sure you talk to Curtis (just like Tom recommended).  Well Tom was absolutely right and it was a quick fix and we were on our way back to Cedar Rapids and Morgan Creek park.  Whew!! So a big thanks goes out to Rockintom!!!!!    
The prairie is coming into bloom so I will share a couple photos from our time at Squaw Creek park the last couple weeks. Hope everyone is well and having adventures of their own.


  1. It sounds like you've finally gotten all your problems taken care of. I hope that will be the end of them for a while, at least!

  2. Search out info about your possible phone choice(s) as deeply as possible, including rumors of new phones to be released. I got my HTC Imagio a week before the introduction of the Droids. Found out about PDAnet only after contracting for the 5GB data plan. Verizon will have an iPhone after January 1, 2011. I don't know if it will tether. The Google droid will, but may be unavailable after the iPhone is available.


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