It's raining again

Well, I am stuck inside because it is raining again. We have gotten a couple dry days a couple times but the rain has been persistent and heavy when it comes.  No better time to write on the blog.
It was a nice weekend here. Friday several people we knew moved into the campground which hasn’t happened since we we’ve been doing this. We had my nephews in-laws across the loop, the kids middle school music teacher across the road and the handy man from the condo we just left right across from us. Had fun visiting with all of them. My nephew and his wife also came by and it is always good to talk with Jordy and Rachel. 
For me the highlight of the weekend was having my sons with us for most of Saturday.  The summer is going quickly and it won’t be long until we are on the road and those visits will become further apart. Mitch brought his girlfriend Emily along with him and it was so nice to have some time to get to know her also. We sat and talked, played some ladder ball and enjoyed the time outside. The only distraction were the mosquitos, just this last week they have become a real problem. We’ve had so much rain that it doesn’t come as a surprise but those pesky little critters can make the outdoors almost unbearable. Thank goodness for Deet!
I am going to keep this short. Hope you all had a great weekend. Lastly I’ll share a photo of Mitch and Emily. 


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