Changing it up

Trail at Morgan Creek earlier this spring
Was in the mood to change things up on the blog. Found this template and liked the way it followed a color scheme for a blog named after a flamingo. It has been a very quiet weekend. The weather has been up and down. Stayed relatively cool with some showers but with beautiful weather in between those showers. The weather lately took me to the photo in the header. This is a panoramic shot I put together in Adobe Photoshop Elements ( a really easy thing to do) of a storm we watched from a distance down in Fort Supply, Oklahoma. Ever since that storm we have seen storm clouds about twice a week. This week on Thursday we spent some time at the shower house during a tornado warning. We had quite a bit of hail, man is it loud when hail hits a fiberglass roof. No damage to either the truck or rig. Thankful for that.

I have been spending plenty of time grading case studies and quizzes - just part of the job. I've had a couple lectures and quizzes now so have a better feel for this class. They don't seem to prepare as well as previous classes but they have had some competing tests, hopefully it will get better as we progress.

Tomorrow we move across town, trying to time things out so we are set up somewhere for the 4th about 2 weeks ahead. I don't want to be searching for a campsite that week before the holiday. After the 4th we may try a couple of the COE campgrounds around the Coralville reservoir. It is still close enough to get to my class once a week and puts us a little closer to Iowa City, we always enjoy spending some time there. I feel like summer is already passing quickly. It really is true, the older we get the faster time seems to pass.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Happy Trails................


  1. I am really getting tired of these tornadoes. Had another touch down in MT - a long ways from Billings but still!! We like COE campgrounds. They are usually beautiful sites. And you are definitely right about time passing. Except waiting out the storms - then it seems to come to a complete halt. Stay safe.

    Like the looks of your blog. I've thought about doing something to mine but I figure I'll mess it up so I don't do anything.

  2. Like the new look! Great picture of the storm as well.

  3. I like the new look. As crummy as the weather has been, we've dodged the storms so far, so I'm not going to complain!

  4. I like your new template. It certainly fits your flamingo theme. However, it is very hard to read the comments. Can the font color be darkened?

  5. Definitely like the new look. Happy to hear that you didn't have any damage from the hail storm, they can be pretty bad for damage and that you didn't have any tornadoes going through. The weather has been bad everywhere this year it seems.

    Kevin and Ruth


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