Computer fixed, Son buys a house, and a Museum makes a move

First off, my computer has been fixed! The magnetic plug where the charger plugs in had to be replaced. Glad to have it back. :)

It has been a big week for us here. On Monday we went with our son Gabe and his girlfriend Melissa to Early, Iowa to look at a  house.  Melissa was hired as the art teacher for the elementary school and middle school in the Schaller-Crestland school district. This is a consolidated school district of 4 towns just south of Storm Lake IA. After visiting they realized there really weren’t any places to rent in these small town so the principal suggested they look at buying.  They found a wonderful little ranch home on a half acre lot in Early, where the middle school is located. 
Gabe and Melissa's first home!

They wanted us to come and look to see if we felt this would be a good move. It is about a 4 hour drive from CR so we set out early and met the realtor at the house. After looking things over we too felt this was a great deal. They had already met with a banker on their last visit who felt they would qualify for a rural loan with a rate below 5%. So we dropped them off at the bank to meet again and do the application for financing. It took a couple days to get everything approved, get the offer in and hear back but this morning the news came back and they are now on their way to home ownership. Congratulations Gabe and Melissa! 

Tuesday morning we were dragging but we got up and moved our rig back to Squaw Creek. We can stay 14 days at these park so when a holiday is close we always try to be in place 14 days ahead, so in case you didn’t realize the Fourth of July is 2 weeks away. We will be gone this weekend to a wedding in St. Louis but feel ok leaving the rig as one of the sheriff deputies is park across the street. Yeah!
A major move
Today we had some errands so we decided to have lunch at Al’s Blue Toad in Cedar Rapids Czech district. We like this little bar and grill and I purchased 2 certificates from Living Social and so it was already paid for and made lunch half off. Cool. If you haven’t discovered Living Social and Groupon, I highly recommend them. It really makes eating out occasionally actually affordable.
While in the Czech Village we were able to check out the progress of a major project. Cedar Rapids is home to the Czech-Slovak museum. This museum is beautiful and at its opening the leaders of Slovakia, the Czech republic and the US were present. It was right on the Cedar River and in 2008 the massive flood took its toll on this building also. The structure remained in tact but most of its contents were lost and the interior would need to be redone. Before restoring it a decision was made to actually move the building and raise it about 8 feet. The move required the building be rotated 90 degrees. The weather has made this difficult but they now have it almost in place but must raise it the 8 feet and place it on its new foundation. I did take a couple photos today but there also is a web feed where you can see this incredible move.
The best view is the south camera but the west camera shows you how much it has to raised. This is an amazing feat that I thought you might find interesting.

Happy Trails............


  1. Looks like some nice mature trees on your son's lot. I think that looks so much better than new subdivisions with no trees.

  2. Glad you have your computer back! Congratulations to the new homeowners. I remember that feeling of buying our first home. Super exciting!

  3. Don't you feel lost without the computer? Glad your has been repaired and ready for use. Have a great fourth.

  4. Buying a house is so much better than renting. Glad they found something that they like. Moving that building is really amazing.

  5. congratulations to your son and girlfriend...that first house is so exciting!!! And the one they bought is mighty cute too.


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