Growing Older

At 28, when my brain and body were the same age!

How old does your brain think you are? John and I talked about this recently. Our bodies often remind us that we are no longer young but for us our brains still think we are. In fact we decided our brains still think we are around 28 years old. Funny, but that is the age I was when I met John. We can’t deny that the years have passed by after all we have sons who are 22 and 25. We have had long careers in our chosen professions and we have had a multitude of different experiences but alas my brain is just not convinced it is older. 

Now, my body on the other hand reminds  me almost daily. You may know what it is like, you get up in the morning and your joints seem to need some warming up before they’re really ready for the day. Then you go to the mirror and this person with wrinkles or as John says, old skin, is looking back at you. Who is that person any way? Certainly not me. Like I said, I’m just 28 years old!?!?

Janie with baby Gabe
I was pondering the saying “older and wiser” too. So I am older, in fact today I am 55 years old (or 55 years young), so am I wiser than I once was? I actually feel like what I do recognize now is how little I really do know, and I’m willing to admit it. When I was 28  (in real years) I really thought I knew how things worked. Over the years of parenting and just living in general I now know it is all a mystery to me, that’s ok because it means everyday is a day to learn something new.

Janie with Baby Mitch
I have had 55 great years, there have been ups and downs but I wouldn’t change a thing.  I look at what I have and am amazed. I’m married to a guy that I’m still in love with after almost 27 years. I have two sons that have grown into men that I am very proud of. I am blessed with brothers, in-laws, friends and former co-workers who have enriched my life though the years. As the beer commercial says, “Does it get any better than this?” I think not, I am a 28 year old brain with all the blessings of a 55 year old!


  1. Happy Birthday Janie, you are only as old as you feel so go with the 28 year old number and use it!

  2. Thoughtful and well written post. Many more blessings being wished for you today.

  3. What a great post. So thoughtful and real. Put a smile on my face. Hope we finally get to meet you some day soon before we get any YOUNGER!!!! rockin'

  4. I have to apologize to Merikay, her comment got deleted because I had a brain fart. You know how the approval comes up with the choices of publish and delete. Well first I published it then I went back to my inbox to delete it from there and hit that delete button instead of the delete for the inbox. Just so you know, once you do that it is gone, no recovery from it. Her comment was great too. I may not get it exact but here it is " I use to look in the mirror and see my mom looking back at me but now I look in the mirror and see my grandmother looking back."
    Loved it Merikay! I think my brain just sent me forward to old age, no claiming 28 anymore!

  5. well happy birthday... I just turned 56 about 2 weeks ago and I too feel mentally that I am under thirty!


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