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Local of wild turkeys!

The little ones make it across the road safely
We all get it sometime and for me this summer has been hard to blog. We are doing plenty of things and staying busy but I think because it is such familiar surroundings I just can’t get up for writing the blog. The last week we were at Squaw Creek campground it was finally dry enough to take a hike. It has a lot of wet lands so this spring the trails were very wet and so no hikes. The trails here are beautiful so it was nice to get out. We also had a group of visitors, in the form of native wildlife close to our site. Thought I’d share a few photos from that.  

the berries are ripening!
We are getting all our doctor, dentist and eye appointments in, since we don’t know when we will get back this way. I am having a little trouble with the transition from far to near so gave in and got a pair of progressive lens glasses. I had lasix surgery done over 15 years ago to correct a severe nearsidedness so I hated to think of going back to glasses but at least now I don’t have to wear coke bottle lenses and can have my pick of frames. I don’t need them for most things but there are times I know I will use them, particularly when we work at Amazon this winter.

We are also getting ready to move Gabe and Melissa to their new home. Rented a trailer today for that week. We may have to make multiple trips to get all there stuff there. Gabe has a lot of furniture he inherited from us when we liquidated the house. Mitch has some too but knowing he may be in apartments for awhile he didn’t want as much. Even in Cedar Rapids Gabe lived in a good size house that he rented with friends. Mitch is going to stay in that house until he finds a job. Luckily Gabe’s landlord really likes him and approved the situation without making him sign a formal lease. It let’s him go month to month until he is ready for a move to where ever.

The start of the trail.
So life is busy. My class is almost 3/4 done. I have a weekend of grading papers and case studies.  As much as I like teaching I will be ready to be done when the time comes. So I will sign off for the time being. Maybe something exciting will happen and put me back in the blogging frame of mind, :)

Happy Trails....................


  1. I can so relate about the blogging thing. All we're doing is sitting in our son's drive way. How exciting is that - NOT. Exciting for you that the teaching is almost over with. Then you'll have time to plan other fun things.

  2. Hang in there! I'm glad I don't have to return to education and everything involved any more. :)

  3. Believe me, blogging comes and goes, then COMES BACK!! :)

    I'm glad you're about to get a break from work. I always thought I was finished with teaching...the grading, OH no, not the grading!!! But guess what??!?! I miss it!

  4. Glad to hear things are going well this summer. Anxious to hear about your stint at Amazon this winter.

  5. I've been suffering from the same thing. I think partly it's just hard to sit down at the computer right now.

    I switched from reading glasses to progressive lenses a little over a year ago. Similar situation to you -- had RK surgery and now needed readers. The progressives are much easier to deal with. Just need to be a little careful on the stairs! lol

    Looking forward to seeing you at Amazon.

  6. Good to be reading your blog again! I'm sure blog block will go away once the school year is over.

  7. Fantastic pix as usual. I wished I could of got one of my Ms. Molly Duck that was nesting on our summer site.....but apparently she had her duckies and left without saying good bye before we got up! Dawggone it!!! rockin'

  8. I know how you feel about the blogging block. I feel the same way. I worry people don't want to read about the things we're doing, since it's pretty much the same every week. I'm glad you did write because I was wondering what happened to you. I'm trying to post once a week so people don't start wondering what happened to me. Good luck with the move!


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