Midwesterners and the weather

Having grown up in Minnesota and Iowa, if there is one thing I know, we are never happy with the weather. It is either too hot, too cold, too rainy, to dry, too much sun, too overcast. You name it we can complain about it. The old joke is "if you don't like the weather just wait a minute". We get a little bit of everything.

We have been back in Iowa since late April. Spring was cold and rainy and we all wondered if summer would ever get here, well it did, with a vengeance. The midwest is sweltering along with much of the country. The lush green lawns are now turning a little brown. So now we hear the common "is it hot enough for you?" I'm not sure exactly what that means, but yea it is plenty hot enough for me but it is summer and I can remember plenty of other summers when it got this hot. When the kids were little we lived in a house that only had a window air that would cool down our living room. We had plenty of shade protecting that house but if we got a stretch of 90+ days it would get hot enough for us to retreat to our 1 air conditioned room. I do remember getting creative with places to go to get out of the heat. We would go to the pool, the library, the mall, anywhere to escape the heat in the middle of the day. But you know we lived through it and the cool weather always returned.

Today we had to move from one park to another, our 14 consecutive days were up. By the time we hitched up, moved and set up we were pretty sweaty. The good news---we have a well insulated air conditioned little house on wheels and we don't have metered electric. Spent the afternoon and evening inside. I think there are going to be a few more days like that before the heat breaks. Here's hoping you all stay cooooool.

Happy trails.......................


  1. I'm amazed how the weathermen are making like we haven't seen heat like this. Must be young fellers :)

  2. We definitely did survive heat without air conditioning when I was young. It's amazing how used we get to our comforts like air conditioning and think we can't live without it. But I will admit, I sure am looking forward to a small cool front that is supposed to go through tomorrow night.

  3. Where would we be if we didn't have the weather to talk about or complain about. You can bet the ones complaining about the hot weather were complaining about the cold, wet spring and when would it warm up. Well it has and now they are comlplaing again, just never happy. We love the hot and like you find fun ways to keep cool. What did the people do in the days where there was no air conditioning, they survived and so will we.

    Enjoy the summer while we can.

    Kevin and Ruth


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