Moving week

Just a short post. This is the big week to move our son and his girlfriend Melissa to their new home. They closed on their home on Monday. We have all been busy getting them packed. Gabe took a lot of our furniture etc, when we sold our home so he has more stuff than the average 25 year old. We have a trailer rented, might take multiple trips but we will get the basics up there to get them started. Tomorrow we will see how many more trips it might take. Suppose to have isolated showers so can't put any furniture in the back of the truck (50% chance).

Friday we need to take the 5th wheel to Dubuque to our dealer to have the slides adjusted and then we will be moving to Amana, Iowa for a rally with a 6 state group of Excel owners, We are looking forward to that. On Tuesday I will have to drive back to Cedar Rapids to give the final exam for my class. Hard to believe it is almost over but I am ready. It is definitely time to move on. We are working on those plans too, will share that plan with you soon.

Happy Trails............


  1. You guys have really got a lot going on. Hope the move goes smoothly. It's such a stressful time - at least it always was for me. But now I love moving often because it's easy to take my whole house with me. Have fun at your Rally.

  2. Good luck with the move and the final class. We attended a rally of Jayco owners at the Amana Colonies a few years ago. I'm guessing you will probably be at the same campground. I don't remember what it was called, but basically a big field with hook-ups. I love the cranberry wines they sell at the Amana wineries. I bought a case, and am down to the last bottle. I've never found a cranberry wine anywhere else that is as good! And all of the taste testing is so much fun :)


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