Captain's log: Goodbye Amazon

“We’re not in Kansas anymore.” I’m looking forward to saying Dorthy’s classic line as we head into Texas for the next couple of months. Our working for Amazon is coming to a close along with the Christmas season, so it won’t be long. After working here for seven weeks, things have actually gotten easier, I think, as we’ve lost some weight and gained some strength. The final push before Christmas is next week, so we still have some eleven hour days left, but then we’re done and out of here. Merry Christmas indeed.
Our jobs as pickers for Amazon are driven by the commands on our handheld scanners from the sometimes capricious computer. It doesn’t always make sense, but you must obey. Resistance is futile, and if you slack off the computer will always rat you out.
We catch up with our friends in packing at breaks and lunch. Their jobs are more driven by an assembly line type of operation with lots of opportunities for any one component shutting the whole thing down. That thing is often the vast system of conveyors that span this million square foot facility. You can go from no work to too much work in the blink of an eye as some upstream tote jam is resolved and the backlog suddenly appears at your station. Things may go from busy to much worse if your little side conveyor working, but the main conveyor keeps feeding it. It’s like “I Love Lucy” when Lucy is trying to pack the cakes, only in this case Evelyn gets to be Lucy. Maintenance shows up. Usually several times (you can imagine the pressure to get it fixed). Sometimes it gets resolved or you might get to watch an episode of “Huey, Dewey and Louie Fix the Conveyor” or maybe The Three Stooges. Colonel Sanders or Mr. Moneybags may even show up to supervise.
So we lost some weight, gained some money and even had some laughs. Not a bad deal, but I’m ready to retire again.


  1. Glad you're almost at the end of the road.

  2. the question...Would you do it again? Inquiring minds want to know...

  3. Congratulations on making it through the gamete.

  4. Congratulations, you made it, good job hanging on, I want to know also Whould you do it again?

  5. Love it, I am ready to give up my "Lucy" job!!

  6. So glad the grind is over for the two of you! We also would like to know, when you are able to step back from your time at Amazon, would you do it again?

    Safe travels and Happy Holidays!

    Terry & Lu


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