It's a Beautiful Day

Well, according to John’s thermometer you can see it’s a warm day.
It is but aren’t you a little skeptical? I mean really.
Some unusual ducks on the San Gabriel River
It has been a great week with sunny warm days for us to enjoy. Wednesday we spent another day here in Georgetown. We went and had the oil changed in the truck then walked the trail around San Gabriel Park and ate at Dos Salsa. Dos Salsa was very good and if you are here and looking for Mexican it is definitely worth the stop. Their parking lot is small and busy but the public parking for the downtown area is just a couple blocks away and if you have your truck it is a safer choice. 

Town Lake Trail Ladybird Lake Austin
Texas State Capital
Thursday we headed to Austin to see the sites. We had read about the Town Lake trail along Ladybird Lake so we headed there first which turned out to be an excellent decision. Town Lake Park is just off I35 and it has free parking (downtown parking was $7, free is better). We grabbed a site on the street and headed off on the trail. We walked the trail to the Congress Street Bridge.This bridge is known for its bat colony, the largest urban bat colony in North America, but of course they aren’t around this time of year so we didn’t have to try and stay until dark to watch them. Congress street takes you into the downtown area and if you keep going it leads to the Texas State Capital. The capital area has several buildings and a beautiful park area in front. It was a busy place on this sunny day. We didn’t do the tour as being outside was a more appealing idea. We headed back downtown to a little Irish Pub called Fados and enjoyed a brew and sliders, very good but a little pricey. Then off on the trail again.

Downtown Austin
We had checked online for brewpubs and there was one called Uncle Billy’s that wasn’t too far off the trail. On the way there we walked through the largest urban dog park I’ve ever seen, tons of dogs having a good time and right by the Stevie Ray Vaughn Memorial. John is a huge fan of his so I got his photo with Stevie. A little further and with the help of the google map I printed we arrived at Uncle Billy’s. This is a find. We each tried one of the brews made in house and they were excellent. We were still hungry so we order their pulled pork Sliders. They bring the sliders with a group of bbq sauces so I took the one call Uncle Billys-Que. I realized quickly I was going to need some water - my mouth was on fire. It was tasty but definitely the hottest bbq sauce I have ever had. John helped me eat that one. He can handle it a lot hotter than I can and even he needed that glass of water. 

John and Stevie Ray Vaughn

We headed back to the truck and of course it was just in time for rush hour traffic. We have enjoyed many things about this area but not the traffic; it is crazy. In fact from Dallas/Fort Worth south I35 is incredibly busy. I have gotten to the point where I really hate driving in cities. I have plotted a course out of here that takes a little further west and on US highways instead of the interstate. It will take just a little longer but I think it is worth it. Our next stop is Port O’Connor TX, a little fishing village on the gulf. Should be a quiet retreat and we are looking forward to it.
It was a nice day for rowing on Lady Bird Lake
We have just a couple more days here and today may be the last really nice day so we may try to get back on the trail here in Georgetown but this time actually on our bikes. We hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve and stay safe.
Happy Trails...............................


  1. So nice to see warm weather..and shorts! Looks like a nice area to see.

  2. We visited Austin in 2010 and love our time there.... Check out what we saw on our blog.
    Happy New Year to you both

  3. Looks like you found some more great places. We also had heavy traffic coming through Fort Worth on I-35. Have a Happy New Year!

  4. So glad to see that you are both relaxing and enjoying your travels. Reading what you wrote about the brew pubs made us think fondly of the time we spent together in Houghton. Hope to do that again someday. Happy New Year to you both!

  5. Austin is a fun town but the traffic is not... we lived in Austin for a few years and if you want some cheaper drafts (lots of different beers on tap) and some good cheap burgers go to my friends place called the Crown and Anchor Pub near the UT campus... free parking there too...

  6. Looks like you had a very nice day.

    Happy New Year to you both.

  7. Sure looks nice there in Texas! Its snowing here today, but we hope to head out next week and move south. Will you keep going west? We really enjoyed the back roads of peaceful.

  8. Hey Janie and John,
    Hope you're enjoying the warm weather. It is 12 degrees with windchill of -5 today, Saturday, January 21st. Pictures of the gulf look great.
    Have fun and hope you get your transmission fixed on time.
    Take care,
    Gary "the non-ugly" brother


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