Memorial Weekend

Great slide into 2nd base!

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday weekend, I know we are. I also hope we all take time to remember those that have fought so that we can enjoy this country we live in. Their sacrifice is what has made it possible to live in a free nation. To all who have served, to all who have fought, to all who have given their lives for our country, we give you our thanks, which seems hardly enough for all you have done.
Walt and John enjoy the game.
We had a few rain showers come through late in the week which was good as it was getting a little dry, nothing like out West but too dry for this agricultural area. Some severe thunderstorm warnings but no tornado warnings for which we give a sigh of relief. John’s brother called and decided to visit Thursday to Sunday so we have had company and that has kept us busy. We went to dinner in Iowa City Thursday night. Walt(John’s brother) went to medical school in Iowa City (also my alma mater) so it was fun to show him around the downtown. A lot has changed but there are somethings that remain the same, like The Airliner, Joe’s Bar, John’s Grocery, Hamburg Inn and Paglia’s.
Kids getting an autograph from the Pitcher
Friday John and Walt went to see the movie the Hunger Games while I stayed home and got a few things done. I’ve read the book and John says it really stays pretty true to the book, maybe I’ll see it when it comes out on DVD. Then Saturday we decided to take in another ball game. 
Mr. Shucks the Kernels mascot
Minor league ball is really fun. The games are competitive but because these players are young you still get to see some real blunders, which is kind of fun too. There are always promotional games between innings and a crazy mascot to watch. The Kernels really do a good job of entertaining the kids too. Kids can win a chance to go out on the field with the starters for the Nation Anthem and then get their autographs, they help present the colors and participate in some of those between inning games. We remember bringing our kids and it is some of there favorite memories of summer. They were so small when we started that sometimes we only lasted 3-4 inning and then finally 5-7 inning and it was a big day when they made it all the way through 9 innings. Tonight we made it all the way through the game (of course no kids to distract us) and stayed for the fireworks after the game. The Kernels do fireworks most Saturday home games.
Walt left this morning. We are hoping our son and fiance will show up sometime today. We have some wedding things to talk about and we haven’t had a chance to see Melissa yet and we are anxious to give her a hug. Hope its a great weekend where you are!
Happy Trails....................................


  1. baseball and fireworks - sounds like a great week-end to me. Have fun with your son and future DIL.

  2. Have a great holiday weekend! Wait - looks like you've already done that! Hope you get to visit with your son and future DIL today.

  3. I agree with you on minor league baseball...great way to spend time outdoors. I just went to a triple-A game in Vegas and plan to make it a regular hobby on my FT adventure.


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