Southern Sun Pub and Brewery, Loveland CO

It has been a really fun week. Monday we moved to Loveland Colorado and Boyd Lake State Park. Friends Dixie and Dan live here and we have been spending time with them, lots of stories and laughs.
National Institute for Atmospheric Research
Boulder Mall
Dan & John
On Wednesday they took us to Boulder. Dixie and Dan both have moms that live there. Dixie’s mom is having health issues and we dropped her off at her mom’s for a few hours. Dan gave us a tour of the area he grew up in and up to the National Institute of Atmospheric Research. Coffee in the Boulder pedestrian mall (reminds me so much of Iowa City) and then we stopped by and met Dan’s mom, she is a delight.  It was then off to pick Dixie up.

All our samples, he added one more later
Dan, Dixie, Janie, & John
Dixie decided that for lunch we should go to a little sandwich shop she likes. What a surprise when we pulled up and saw a grain bin. This was not just a sandwich shop it was one of Boulder’s micro-breweries, Southern Sun. (This group actually has 3 locations but are all part of Mountain Sun Breweries.) Now that’s a sandwich shop we can get into. We sat outside and since the waitress was really busy the general manager, Mike, came to take our drink order. When we explained that we were fans of microbrews and as we travel we like to check out the local beer. He was great and brought us 13 brews to try, on the house. He was great at explaining the differences and said after we were done he would take us on a tour of the brewery.  We had so much fun trying these different brews and found plenty that we like. Dixie doesn’t drink beer so she got all her beverages free as our DD. Our food was excellent too, definitely a good sandwich shop just as Dixie told us. Then Mike took us on our tour; he was such a great tour guide and at the end even gave John a t-shirt and lots of stickers. We have been to so many micro-breweries and brew pubs in our travels but I think this was the best: best beer, best food and definitely best service. Thanks Mike.

Thanks Mike a great brew and a great tour.
Today’s just a little shopping and errands. The weather has been warm and sometimes windy but I can honestly say we love it here. Colorado has always been a favorite for John and me and this first trip here in the RV has been awesome, especially coupling it with visiting good friends.  I think in the future we would love to work camp here in the summer, I will work on some apps for next summer.  There is more we would like to do but if we don’t get it accomplished that’s ok, we will catch it next time. I’m sure there will be a next time. 


  1. guess I will have to add this one to the list...

  2. Wow, how cool for them to treat you like royalty! It's nice to get surprises like that.

  3. I'm so glad you're having a great time. Before we were fulltimers, I often said Colorado was the only place we traveled to that I could see myself living. It's such a beautiful state! We too will be back there sometime in the future.

  4. Wow, that sounds like a great place. Kevin would love it there, not me so much, beer and sandwiches don't work well for someone that is gluten free. So glad you had such a good time there. I think there should be more Mikes in the world. People like him, is what makes people come back or spread the word.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. We just love Boulder and wish we could afford to live there. Sounds like you both are having a fabulous time. I think I would have been quite tipsy just tasting all the samplers at the Southern Sun!


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