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I discovered a new online site in my quest for a healthier life. I have been looking for a online site that would help me track my progress. A few years ago I used Weight Watchers Online and was considering it again. It has many great tools including a recipe builder and online support but I am not a fan of the point system. I know lots of people find that easier but for me if I am going to journal my meals I want numbers. Before RVing when I worked with a trainer I used the Bodybugg system. You actually wear a devise on your arm that monitors the calories you burn, you then upload that info the their site (techies would love this ) and you have those numbers I like, you also track your food and if you do the math right you loose weight. There is no cheating or fooling yourself on this system. If you aren’t loosing weight you are overestimating your food intake because the calorie in/calorie out equation doesn’t lie. John will tell you it follows the basic rules of thermodynamics and you just can’t get around that. I may later choose to go back to this system. The draw back to both of these is cost and right now with the wedding coming up, free is better. There may come a time I go back to the Bodybugg but luckily I already own the devise and would just have to activate it.
So what I did find is the Sparkpeople site. I ran across it on Pinterest and decided to check it out. It is free, and I like that. What I found was a site with so many tools are information that it is almost overwhelming. I feel it has more and better tools than the Weight Watchers site and while it doesn’t give me the hard fast numbers of the Bodybugg it does give me numbers and in more areas. That said, it is all the other tools that has me hooked. I really want to run a 5k and maybe a 10k again and I have been up and down in my training for that, using some interval training but not feeling like I have a great plan. On this site they have a program called 5k My Way. It takes you where you are currently and maps out a program to help you get there. The first week of the program I chose is very much like the intervals I was already doing so it made total sense. I just started week 2 today and it is great having it mapped out for me. These programs are not just for runners but for walkers too.
I can track my food just like the other sites, my weight training, my weight, my measurements. There are places to write out other goals. A place to blog, a place for personal journaling, forums, recipes, articles on every health related topic you can think of, and so much more. I have spent lots of time this last week delving into the site just to know what’s there and how I can use to benefit my own life and now I am hooked. I may someday go back to using the Bodybugg but it would be in conjunction with this site because it has much more of the support I am looking for. Just to reiterate...its FREE!
I just wanted to share this because I know in reading other RV blogs that many of us struggle to stay fit on the road. It can be a challenge and I know I need all the help I can get. 

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  1. I will be looking into it! I have been journaling my food intake since January. I was 44 pounds overweight, I am now 16 pounds overweight! You are right, the equation doesn't lie! But I do notice there is often several days delay. I can eat very little and not lose weight, and then suddenly drop a pound. Or I can eat to much for a couple of days with no effect, but then will show a 1 pound increase.

    What really counts is the long term effects. I am now at a point that I think I'm taking in less than 1500 calories a day, but only losing a pound every two to three weeks. I guess the important factor is I am losing.

    Good luck on your new efforts to stay healthy. We are all in it together!

  2. I had registered on Sparkpeople a few years ago myself. Being a lifetime WW member, I used the online site as well. Menopause is making the weight come off slower, and I have to become more creative with my diet to make it happen!

  3. And here I am writing my blog for tomorrow with a photo of a huge Napoleon Slice cake Paulette just made. I guess I should check out this Sparkpeople site!

  4. Sounds interesting. I will check it out. A friend of mine recently told me about an app she is using on her phone called C25K (Couch to 5K) which is a 9 week program. She wants to compete in the something called a Mudder competition. You girls are inspiring!

  5. Thanks for the information! I will check it out.


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