Kids and Critters

Not too much exciting happening here. The wedding plans are coming along and we continue to have time with family and friends. One of the fun things for us is getting to see the children of our niece and nephew. Both niece Autumn and her brother Jordan added children to their families just before we left last summer. So this year they are already approaching the one year mark. Autumn also has an almost 3 year old. Its fun to see them as parents and enjoy these little boys.

John and Corbin

Sleeping Corbin

Kelvin in his very own bike helmet.
We are Squaw Creek this week and it is hot! Seems like most of US is experiencing a real heat wave. My friend Mary in Colorado Springs has been texting photos of the fire there. The heat wave and drought are really having an impact and the wildfires rage on. I know the park we stayed at was evacuated last week. Mary says the are still ok where they are, I sure hope it stays that way. The heat kicked up some storms yesterday, we had the storm warning sirens go off around 5. We had stopped at Slumberland looking at sofas (would like to replace ours), and got herded back to their storm shelter area which is their employee lounge. Heard lots of complaints from others but considering the alternative of being in the trailer during the storm we were ok with it. We did get about 3/4 in of much needed rain.
ground hog
Now for the critters. This has been an active week for local wildlife. The turkeys have been wandering the campground which is pretty normal. Then yesterday we looked out and a ground hog was romping in our fire ring. Now we see him regularly coming in and out of the prairie and today John noticed there is a little one with him sometimes. Out in my walk this morning I had to stop and take a photo with my phone. Coming down the street were two little raccoons. Not sure where mom was but they were just scampering along. 
Two little raccoons, sorry so small taken with my phone
Hope everyone is staying safe from the heat, fires and rains in Florida.
Happy Trails.............................


  1. Very hot here too. About all one can do is sit inside while the AC tries to keep up. :(

  2. Yup, pretty hot here in PA too. Beats the alternative!

  3. The kids pictures are great but that one of the groundhog is a pretty close second!!

  4. It seems to be hot everywhere. Thanks for your comment yesterday. We'd love to see you guys too. If you're considering the Fernley Amazon facility this year, I read that they had already filled their work camper openings. They have started a waiting list. Come join us in Coffeyville :)

  5. The photos of the kids are precious! Try to stay cool, which can't be easy for most of the country. Wish we could send some of this cooler weather your way!

  6. I can't seem to figure out where you're at... help me out.


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