Man am I fast!

Just a short post but I had an interesting run this morning. I’ve been working on getting to where I can run a 5k (3.1 mi) and I’m almost there. Awhile back I blogged about all the cool tools I have found for my android phone to help me along the way. So today I get my warm up walk out of the way start my GPS and Endomondo tracker and then start my Interval timer. Yep this is all a big production, and then I am off. Its hot and humid but I am slogging along. After my second interval my Endomondo lady says I reached 1 mile in just over 8 min. What????? I don’t think so!! It actually made me laugh. I kept going and after a couple more intervals now it tells me mile 2 was in under 7 min. I am a racing fool! Finally mile 3, its gotta be a record.........uhoh 12 min (probably more acurate). What, I thought I was on track for my all time fastest run. I truly did realize that something was crazy with my GPS or the Endomondo but I was so hoping it would last through the whole run so I could have this written record of my fastest run ever. I will keep that in the history since it still says I did an 8 and under 8 miles, maybe I’ll use those as my motivators. It was so funny and definitely made my run a little more fun today.
I’m working on a blog about the campground we are in now but I’ll save that for later.
Happy Trails................................


  1. I'm impressed with your speed of foot! :)

  2. We'll just have to call you Speedy from now on.

  3. Is there still time to get on the U.S. Track Team for the Summer Olympics in London?


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