A Whole New Adventure

What a campsite??!!

So one week down at our new job site. It’s been a little bit of a crazy schedule. Tuesday we had orientation and training specific to the building; most of it we already knew but navigation was the main issue. This building is huge, at least twice the size of the one in Campbellsville. They said until just this year it was the largest fulfillment center they have. It’s divided into two sides, East and West. Each has its own pick desk and start up area. You usually stay on one side or the other but occasionally will move if needed. We have been on the west side all week. I only know one work-camper who moved from one side to the other this week. This facility deals mainly with clothes, shoes and jewelry so much different than Campbellsville. However, just like Campbellsville, they are stuffing the bins so full it makes picking a challenge. The differences aside it has been a good move. 
Rollercoaster anyone??

Our “campground” is the Kentucky Exposition Center right next to what used to be Six Flags but now has some other name. So our view is of amusement park rides. We are also in the flight path of the airport which makes it a little noisy, but we are so tired at night that it doesn’t really bother us. We get a bus to take us to and from work and that is nice. It kind of gives you some time to wind down even if it lengthens the day a little. We are working 11 hour shifts now, though we have the option of 10, but that would mean waiting in the break room until the rest have finished their 11 hour shift so you might as well work and get paid. Next week we are going to work a 59.5 hour week as there is $100 gift card incentive and it’s only 4 hours more than we are working now. We would go in on a Monday and just work 4.5 hours, easy-peasy or so John tells me. The idea here is to make as much money as we can in a short period of time. Just 3 more weeks left!
A little more of our parking lot/ campground

We haven’t done much in Louisville just because we are too exhausted to do much. For the next three weeks it will be eat, sleep, work. Because of Cyber Monday our schedule got changed a little. Normally Sunday would be our overtime day and we would have Monday and Tuesday off but this week it’s Sunday off, Monday work, Tuesday off then back to Wednesday to Sunday schedule and next week we will add the Monday half day to get to 59.5 hours. After that it should get easier. I’m tired just thinking about it. The good thing is I know there is a light at the end of this and some sunny Caribbean skies. Hope everyone is well and had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Happy Trails..............


  1. Yeah, they are sweetening our pot too. If we work our scheduled days the two weeks 12/7 & 12/14, we get $50 gift cards each both weeks. Nice! We would have worked them anyway. They said they are looking to hire 300 more people so they are giving away incentives for that too. Guess they must be hurting for people down here.

  2. It's like when we work during the summer. It's not so bad because you know there's a light at the end of the tunnel. :-)


  3. I think you guys who hang in there and do this are simply amazing. My body hurts just reading about it. But it's definitely countdown time for you now.

  4. I am utterly exhausted just thinking about it :) You guys are certainly working hard, but that cruise is just waiting for you. How nice that they are giving extra incentives this year. Makes the work so much more bearable. Three weeks will be gone before you know it!


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