Survived week two

Peak color in Campbellsville KY

Just a quick post as not much has happened. We survived our first 2 weeks with 5 hour days. It was fairly painless and all that picking knowledge started to come back pretty quickly. I like the training here and I’ve actually learned more about functions on the scanner that no one ever showed me at Coffeyville so hopefully that will speed me up a little. However, this week we get brand new scanners. The program is suppose to be the same or at least very similar but they are touted to be lighter and more responsive, that would be nice.
Heartland Campground

Tomorrow night we begin our 10 hour days and I am sure there will be some foot pain and exhaustion to follow. I think we will get at least one 40 hour week in before overtime starts but it won’t be long and we will be on 50 hour weeks. Our OT shift will be on Tuesday so our week then will be Tuesday thru Saturday. 
Parked for a couple months

Today we are going to take advantage of our last day off and check out Maker’s Mark Distillery and maybe a couple more. I think we will just wander around a little and see where it takes us. I’ve been cooking a lot this weekend to get ready for the week so today I am abstaining from cooking and told John we are going out to eat. Yea!!
Work is just down the road

I don’t know how much we will be posting in the next couple months but I am committed to trying to post once a week. One place we will be posting is over on Eating with the Flamingo. The Captain (John) has written several posts and I will be posting those this week too, one today and at least one more this week. 

Happy Trails................


  1. The color is beautiful! Enjoy your time at Amazon.

  2. Beautiful fall pictures. Good luck with the full weeks. We hope your feet cooperate. Just think of how much yarn those long hours will get you :)

  3. Glad to hear you are getting along well at Amazon. Beautiful photos of the fall tree colors!

  4. Good luck, and don't wear yourselves out too much.

  5. Take good care of those feet of yours.. They are going to be happy for any break they get.

  6. Good for you! I'm starting my second week of hardening this morning. Next week I get to jump in with both feet on a 60 hour week. Fun!

  7. Glad you survived week two. Let the countdown begin! :)

  8. It was nice to meet you at the campfire potluck. Have fun!


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