Almost done!

This last week had been an incredible amount of work. Moving furniture to Gabe's(our oldest son) house. Cleaning everything in the apartment and finding places for all the things that need to go into the trailer, and making multiple trips to Good Will with all the things we don't know what to do with. Gabe has been great and he and his new roommate Frankie have taken in most of the furniture, they have a great looking house for two young guys.
Our other son has been studying in Norway this semester and will return in just another week. I am really ready to have him back and spend some time with him before we take off this fall. We talked with him on Skype yesterday - what a great invention!! He just came back from a fishing trip to Northern Norway and caught a cod that was about 2.5 feet long. So Kevin, if your reading this Mitch has found a new fishing spot for you. He said he has photos so maybe once he is back he will let me share that with everyone.
Yesterday was a moving day. The park we were in was having construction done on the road at the entrance to the park. It is down to one lane that is not very wide. We ended up having to go further into the park and turning around in the golf course parking lot to get a straight shot at it as making a turn onto that one lane was not an option. That all went well and we headed to Palisades State Park just a few minutes away. I have been wanting to stay here as it is one of my favorite to hike in and is where John and I were married. Well we tried but the sites are so unlevel side to side, even the pull thrus, changed our minds and came back to Morgan Creek which has become our favorite. We will only be here 4 nights then we are off on our first trip. We are headed to Grand Island NE for my nephews graduation and then will work our way back to Decorah IA. Mitch comes home the 21st and we will just drive up to the Minneapolis Airport to pick him up.
Actually I had to wait to finish this and Mitch has a fun photo on his FB profile of him and his fish so I will end sharing this photo his friend Andrew took.


  1. Many, if not most, National Park and campground sites are sloped in the more rugged parts of the country. Just a fact of life you'll need to get used to...

    Congratulations! You now have a new addition to your To-Do and To Get lists... cut some 2X planks just a bit longer than the distance between the tread contact areas of your 5er's tires. Probably 3 planks will do (That is all I have ever deployed; your mileage may vary). If you want, cut one end at a 45�¤ angle to make climbing easier when backing onto the plank. I actually bored a locator pin hole in each of mine and used a piece of 1" dowel I had in the ship to keep them from slipping. Learn from my first mistake and stagger your dowel holes so you can make a continuous ramp if you use more than two at a time - a 6" offset worked for me.

    Deploy on one side, as needed, to level your rig.

  2. We do expect to have to level and we have the interlocking block levelers. We did try on one spot but we were 3 high and still not close to level. The side that would have been up was on the entrance side, I would have to jump just to get to the first step. These were just more sloped than we could handle - actually ran out of blocks. I think we may buy one more set. Thanks for the comment though. We are such newbies you never know if it is something we actually know. :)

  3. Congratulations on being out of the apartment. It is a good feeling isn't it. It is hard to believe the time is near, 106 days left. Hope to get over to see you this summer.


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