Austin's graduation

Well, it is a day with some downtime. Just sitting here outside under the awning on a beautiful day in Decorah. We really do love this campground and this town. Walked downtown to T-Bocks for breakfast, they have the best pancakes we've come across. Walked home the long way to check out where the laundromat was since that is a task we need to take care of today. But I digress, so back to the main discussion.
Austin is my youngest brother's youngest son (of 3-Aaron and Alex are older). He still has one more HS graduation to go with his daughter Audra who is only 8 right now. I love visiting with this group and we have such fun together. Friday and Saturday we helped get ready for the party and took turns going to Audra's softball games - she had 3 on Saturday. If you havent been to a little girls softball game you should check it out when they are not out on the field they are doubling as cheerleaders, chanting cheers from the bench. It is truly a delight.
Now my nephews enjoy it when I come because teasing me is a sport with them. You see I am only 5 ft 1in and when I am with them it is like being in the land of giants. Aaron is about 6-3, Alex is the shortest at 6-2 and then there is Austin at 6-6. Can I really be related to these guys?? I don't think I even reach Austin's arm pit -sheesh.
Austin is a pretty amazing guy. He graduated at the top of his class with so many awards it was incredible. We are so proud of him. He also is an accomplished athlete. His chosen sport for college is football. He kicks, and with his long legs he kicks a very long ways. Place kicking is his specialty and he was at the top of the heap in kicking in Nebraska highs school the last 2 years. This year he will be kicking in the Nebraska Shrine Game, quite an honor. He will be kicking next year for Missouri State University in Springfield MO. We are hoping we can get to see him play on our way south next fall.
Austin also gave the graduate address at the commencement ceremony. He did a great job and just is an overall confident and talented young man. Now not to leave my other two nephews out. They to are scholarly athletes. Alex is currently attending Briar Cliff college and playing soccer for them. We have had the chance to see him play, he was the one with all the fouls - he has a very aggressive style of play. Aaron graduated from Briar Cliff and played soccer for them as well. He now works for the college as a recruiter. Last but by no means least is the one that has her brothers wrapped around her little finger the very charming Audra. It is a little early to know all her talents but I can say for sure she plays a mean game of Go Fish and Uno.
I will leave you with one last photo. Austin decided I was so short he could zip me into his graduation robe and no one would no I was there. Here is his attempt at that.

Hope this finds you well and following your dreams.


  1. Oh you have a right to be so proud! What a fine young man your nephew is.

    Love the last pic too.. haha

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. I absolutely love that picture of you getting zipped into austins graduation robe.


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