The last rent check

We’re weeks away from being full timers. Our last rent check has been paid. We have one month to vacate the apartment, but it shouldn’t take that long. We have already moved almost everything we’ll take with us into our new home, so this is the last chance to rescue anything that’s left, but not much will make the cut now. Some of what’s left will find a home with our sons, but I imagine a lot of it will go to Goodwill or the land fill. Our poor shredder was busy shredding years of files with paper so important that at one point we felt we needed to save it. Like every social security summary, even though it would be duplicated the next year. And this was the stuff that wasn’t shredded when we moved from the house to the apartment last year. It was too important, I guess.
Why is it so hard to throw away stuff you haven’t worn or touched or even remembered you owned until it’s time to get rid of it? I finally had Janie come in to throw my clothes in the Goodwill pile. My only Missouri S&T shirt (it was the University of Missouri at Rolla when I went there). Some hockey stuff. Some winter stuff. But it was all good. Most of it even still fit. Janie was doing better for herself until she found her wedding dress and veil. I put it into the pile for her. She did rescue her fishing hat which I didn’t even know she owned, but I suppose that could change. I even bought a fishing license this year. Last time I remember buying a license, I think they were less than $10. Now they’re about twice that. Now, if I just had a fishing pole. I used to have a fishing pole, but I must’ve got rid of it when we moved from the house.
We’ve decided to stay residents of Iowa for now, so our new address is actually a UPS private mail box. We’ll get our drivers licenses updated with our new address this month. Once that is done we will email everyone the new mailing address, as for our actual address you’ll have to stay tuned here for that .Now we’re relaxing in our new location in one of the local county parks. It was an exhausting day. In another week we’ll go on our first trip out of Iowa. All the way to Nebraska.


  1. Congratulations on another milestone! I know it feels great to continue seeing progress. It sounds like you've done a lot of work already so the move will hopefully be painless. It's very smart of you to make the transition slow. Although everything fell into place quickly for us, it felt a bit like a whirlwind. In some respects, it would have been really nice to slow things down a bit. But we survived and so will you!

  2. Thanks I have to say this last purge has bee the hardest but almost done. Sounds like you two are having great travels. Hope to meet you out on the road someday. :)

  3. We just had a mega yard sale with some friends - but about 70% of my "stuff" ended up on a truck, headed for the thrift shop. I couldn't believe I was really just giving so much away - but I felt I had to make that step. Congrats on your "last rent check." I can't wait to make our last mortgage payment, though we have no idea when that will be (the house goes on the market this fall.)

  4. You are so right about keeping all that stuff! I couldn't tell you how many SS summary's we have :)

    You may have motivated me to start the shedding process!

    Good luck in your future journey.


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