Tourists vs Travelers

Tourists vs Travlers

A lot has been going on and I had planned on blogging about our trip so far but there are photos I want to put with it and I can’t get the computer to read the card from the card reader or directly from the camera. I can see them from the cameras viewer but nothing I’ve tried will read and send them to the computer. I just get a “no valid files found” message. Not sure if it is a computer or card issue – man I hate to loose photos.

So instead, you get to read about a quote I found on a fellow blogger’s site (Bayfield Bunch – though he doesn’t know its origin either because I wanted to make sure and give him credit). The quote is.

“Tourists see the world, travelers experience the world.”

I really like that because I think it explains why we have chosen this vagabond retirement plan. When time is short it feels as if all we do is run around trying to see as much as we can before we leave. This lifestyle will allow us to stay until we have explored and experienced as much as we wish to before moving on. We can take the time to hike the trails, bike the rails, visit the museums, check out the wineries and the brew pubs as well as visit friends new and old without feeling rushed. I don’t think full time RVing is the only way to accomplish that but I think it is the way for us. So I hope you will follow along on our mission to become travelers instead of simply tourists. Take the time to check out the Bayfield Bunch blog too. He is an amazing photographer and a bit of a philosopher. We have learned so much from our fellow bloggers so if you have the time follow a few of the links here to enjoy our fellow travelers.


  1. I agree with that quote too... when I read it on Al's blog I thought to myself: THAT really says it all! And you added a lot more thought to it that explains the way we like to travel too. Especially taking the time to see it all, instead of having to rush rush rush. Here is to all the *Travelers* out there! Make room for us too in 2013---


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