Girls Day Santa Fe

Mission Church Pecos National Historic park
Tuesday I headed up to Santa Fe for a girls day. I met with Trudy, her mother-in-law Janet and two sisters-in law, Denise and Sue at the Plaza. They had been shopping for a couple hours already and had a few cool finds. I love to browse and look but living in a small space makes you really think through any purchase and I didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without. I love the looking and I really appreciate great art work and there is plenty of it in Santa Fe. We ate at a little restaurant there that I can’t remember the name of but I had a great soup and sandwich combo.
Me & Trudy!
After lunch they decided to check out a national park just east of Santa Fe on I-25 (it is actually I-25 North but the interstate takes an easterly jog here). The park is the Pecos National Historic Park. It was already 3 o’clock when we arrived so we didn’t have lots of time but there was a 1.25 mi. trail that took you around the Pecos ruins, just enough time for that. We watched the film at the visitors center that gave us an overview. It covered the ancient peoples that lived here, the Pecos Indians that eventually inhabited this area and what happened to the Indians once the Spanish arrived. There are the ruins of both the dwelling of the Indians, a couple kivas, and the church that was built here - twice. The original church was burned in an uprising and then rebuilt when the Spanish returned. You can see why this site was chosen by the Indians as it sits on a hill that makes it easy to see anyone coming from any direction. It also makes for a very scenic view. I enjoyed this hike and learning the history makes it even better. 
Trudy enters the Kiva

We headed back to Santa Fe and the loft condo Trudy and Sue had found for their visit. It was a very nice open loft with 2 queen beds and 3 futons so plenty of room. The guy they rented from had brought them enchiladas from Maria’s, a local restaurant. They had a couple the night before but there was plenty for dinner this evening. A decision was made to walk to Maria’s and have a margarita, go across the street to the Whole Foods Market for a couple of extras to go with the enchiladas. Maria’s was packed, no room at the bar but they said we could get a margarita and sit in their waiting area to drink them. After working our way to the bar and finally getting an order in, not an easy task we sat and enjoyed a fairly good margarita (my DH makes a better one). After that it was to the store and back to the condo. Those enchiladas were the best I have had out West so if you are ever in Santa Fe check out Maria’s but be warned they are spicy - spicy good! The rest of the evening was just girls talk and it was delightful. I have really missed Trudy and I love her family so this was a special treat.
View from top of trail

Happy Trails........


  1. It's great to have fun with a good friend! :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day. Santa Fe was a favorite escape of ours when we lived in Colorado. And Maria's is one of our favorites, but it's a tough place to get into. It seems like it's always busy. I don't know if you had a chance to peruse the margarita menu, but they have something like 100 different versions. Sorry to hear yours was just ok. Maybe next time!

  3. Sounds like you had a great day. We haven't been to New Mexico yet, but it is on our list of places to travel. We really want to visit the Southwest but love going to Mexico too. Maybe the winter after the next we will do it.

    Kevin and Ruth


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