Planes, Planes, Planes

That is a lot of planes and it is a small sample of the Boneyard

I think the longer we stay in one place the lazier I have gotten about blogging. We have another couple weeks before we head out so don’t be surprised by the intermittent posts. We have been doing things and we we still have places to go and things to see here in Tucson.
A-10 taking off from the Air Force Base
Today I met Sandy(Mothership RV), a fellow blogger that I had noticed was staying in our park. She actually found us because of our flamingo. He does kind of stand out and he is on a stick. (he-he) It was nice to meet her and talk about this full timing lifestyle. We also talked about how nice it is to meet fellow bloggers face to face. Its like you already know each other a little and you know you have things in common, and you can stay in touch through the blogs.
Inside Hanger 3
Super Guppy, isn't that a strange design?
On Tuesday we headed to the Pima Air and Space Museum. All I can say is wow, I’ve never seen so many planes. The museum has planes from all eras and we went on a walking tour through Hangers 3 and 4 that houses the bombers. It was fascinating and our guide was very knowledgeable.  Then we headed to the Space hanger, that chronicles all our exploits in space, from the race to the moon to our exploration of our solar system. I think we both felt you could spend hours in this exhibit. We had to cut that short because we had signed up for a tour of the Boneyard. This is at the Davis Monthan Air Force Base that is just  across the street. This is a bus tour, you never get to exit the bus, but amazing to see. This is where planes are sent to be stored for future use or to be parted out. I don’t think I have ever seen so many planes. What was good to see is that even when planes are no longer flyable they are recycled. First all the useful parts are taken for repairs or sold to others who can use them and when they get all the parts out  they will salvage the metal. If you go the museum I think the Boneyard tour is definitely worth the price.
A Mig at the Museum
Today was a workout and then kick back day. John got all our tax stuff sent to our tax guy. He had been putting that off but felt good that it was finally done. Tomorrow we are headed to Sabino Canyon. I am looking forward to that.

Another view of the Boneyard

Happy trails........


  1. We went to PIMA last year and enjoyed it as well, but we didn’t take the bone yard tour. Sounds like you enjoyed your time at Sabino Canyon, we are planning on going on Monday or Tuesday. It was great chatting with Janie the other day, and hopefully we will see you before we leave (11th ) and if not we will see you down the road.

    Safe travels!!!


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