When we first arrived in the desert we stayed at Brantley Lake, another of the NM State parks. It was there that John spotted his first roadrunner. I was inside the rig at the time,  wouldn’t you know. Well since then I have kept my eye out for a roadrunner and we haven’t seen one since until today. We were out walking the campground loop and I heard what sounded like a loud dove, not quite like a dove but very similar and I spotted a bird on top of a picnic table shelter. It certainly wasn’t a dove. The closer we got the more apparent it became that it was a roadrunner and the sound was definitely coming from him. Of course I didn’t have my camera but we still had another loop to do so I picked up the camera and crossed my fingers that he would still be there. Sure enough he was still hanging out on top of the shelter. I first took a photos from a ways out in case he took off and then just kept taking them as we got closer. I was surprised how close we got before he took off. The lens I have definitely helped in getting some fun photos.
We leave tomorrow morning so I wanted to get this posted. Two posts in one day, that is a record for me. Tomorrow will be a day off.
I posted the question from yesterday’s post on Facebook too. Here are a couple fun names of towns, Dahr NE and Toad Suck AR. I’m sure there are more out there, feel free to share.

Happy Trails........


  1. Nice pics of the roadrunner. Cool looking bird!

  2. I love roadrunners but we've only seen a couple and also did not have the camera handy.

  3. Great pictures. I saw my first roadrunner in Yuma while we were riding bikes in the campground. Of course, I didn't have my camera either. I should have ridden back to get the camera, but I thought I'd see him again. No such luck. I'm still on the lookout for another one. How long are you staying in New Mexico? We'll be in Albuquerque for a week from April 3-9.

  4. Roadrunners are sooo cool!
    Three towns in Pennsylvania that are next to each other are: Bird-in-Hand, Paradise, and Intercourse! HUMMMM


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