Captain’s Log: Somewhere in Wisconsin

Sailboat at harbor in Bayfield WI
Actually I think I know where we are. We’re in Washburn, a little south of Bayfield in a park on Lake Superior. We have a great view of the lake and the weather is perfect. So why am I typing on this computer? Because I can.
When we were at Two Harbors, I remember thinking we had a great view of the lake and the weather was perfect. There was one evening when Janie and I were sitting around the fire enjoying the view when things became almost surreal. The sunset was actually to our backs, but it was illuminating the sky and the reflections from the lake magnified it beyond anything I recall ever seeing. Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, a partial rainbow appeared. There were some small boats on the lake, and I was wondering what it looked like from where they were at.
Then I looked over at our neighbors across the street: they were watching an NFL game on their outdoor TV (I believe it was the first NFL game of the season). Probably Packer fans. Their backs were to the lake, so they were missing the whole reverse sunset thing, but they were obviously having fun. The Packers must’ve been winning. Despite my initial feeling that I had the better view, I couldn’t help but wonder what the score was. I need an outdoor TV.
Happy Trails...............................


  1. I found this post funny - I like TV (don't have one outside) but I have it on almost all the time even if I'm not watching it. The sunset would be incredible, but a part of me would also want to be over there knowing what the score was.

  2. Sounds simply stunning ~ I am a huge fan of sunsets... When back in our home area in Palm Harbor Florida we are at the beach a lot for them. I am always snapping photos of them!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. The game was pretty good but I'll bet your sunset was better!

  4. Ah, yes.... TV.
    Having travelled a lot while I was working -- and staying alone in an unending procession of hotel rooms -- I turn on the TV almost as soon as I enter a room. I just need the sound of human voices.

    As retirement approached I found myself reducing my TV quite dramatically.

    And now... part of our Plan for retirement has always been to be OUTDOORS. The TV no longer has much appeal -- and I have my wife with me all the time to solve the need for a human voice -- and that never stops. :-)

    I Shoot People


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