Lake Superior

Little light house in Two Harbors, MN

This trip is about following the shores of Lake Superior. We really wanted to do the whole circle of the lake but due to my work we weren’t able to leave soon enough to get that done. So we chose to do as much of the U.S. side as we can until we have to head south. Our first stop on the lake is Two Harbors, Minnesota. This is known as Minnesota’s North Shore and it is beautiful. 
Our site at Burlington Bay
Our home base for the holiday weekend is Burlington Bay Campground on the north end of Two Harbors. It is a city run campground and most of the sites are for smaller RVs and pop-ups. We are in site 90 which we were lucky to get because of a cancellation. The picnic table and fire ring are actually behind the rig and it made it so we have a view of the lake. There is a newer loop just beyond us that has 5 sites  that back up to the lake that are spectacular and if you came in a larger rig this is the area you would want to be in. It certainly is the area we would try for next time. In general this is a busy and pretty tight campground with quite a bit of road noise but the view of Lake Superior makes up for any negatives.
view from our picnic table
The first night a couple we had corresponded with from the Excel owners forum, Tom and Cathy, came by. Tom is researching 5th wheels and wanted to see an Excel. We did the tour, which in a 30 ft 5th wheel doesn’t take that long and then they treated us to DQ. We meet the nicest people here on the road, makes it all worth it.
Cathy and Tom
Gooseberry Falls
The first couple days the weather was so-so, warm but rain on and off and a bit windy. We did a little hiking into Two Harbors and chilled here at the rig. Yesterday we visited Gooseberry Falls State Park just north of here and did a short hike to all the falls, we intended to do more but John has a muscle or tendon (I think it is his ITB) that gives him trouble ever since he injured it when we were in California and it was bothering him so we cut our hike short and headed back to the rig. After taking some ibuprofen and rolling it out on the foam roller he was ready to go again so we hiked into town and had a beer and DQ. Beer and ice cream what a great combination. Today we may head even further north to Tettagoche State Park and do some hiking there. This time I’ll make him take ibuprofen before we leave. It is a beautiful day out there but is suppose to be cool with highs only about 60. 
There is a lot to do here on the North Shore so I am sure we will return some day. Tomorrow we will follow along the shore to the Bayfield area of Wisconsin. The campground we are headed to is actually in Washburn just south of Bayfield. It looks like we are going to have great weather so hope to visit the Apostle Islands and do some biking,hiking and maybe get the kayak out. Life is good.

Here are a few more shots of Two Harbors and Gooseberry  falls.
Main Lighthouse at Two Harbors

Ore hauler being filled

walk out to the little light house on the pier

Lower Gooseberry Falls

Beautiful boardwalk trail at Gooseberry Falls

Don't know what kind of bird.

Interesting technique!

Happy Trails.........................


  1. It's amazing the amount of noise I can tolerate for a beautiful site and view in the campground. Loved the bird, but I have no idea what it is. Cool looking falls.

  2. Great pictures. Hope John is feeling better! We went to Gooseberry Falls when we were there. I just looked at our pictures and had one of the waterfall. Thanks for refreshing my memories. We stayed at a campground on the lake in Two Rivers. I don't know what the name of it was. Enjoy your time in Bayfield!

  3. What a lovely area. I like your idea of a & ice cream :)

  4. "Walk into town for a beer and DQ"...I knew you were our kind of people! :) Small world that you know Tom, but then again it shouldn't surprise me knowing you are both Excel owners. It's a small world! He and Donna are great and we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them. I look forward to the day that we cross paths. Love your pictures! It looks like a beautiful area.

  5. I remember those kind of plants from when we lived in Wisconsin. It sure is a pretty place,. Looking forward to visiting it again someday.


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